Forget DIY! These Dog Steps for Bed Get it Done for Less

Dog steps for bed

If you’re the type of person (ahem, me) who likes to fall asleep cuddling your four-legged cutie, then you know it’s heart breaking when they can’t hop up like they used to. That’s when it’s smart to start looking for dog steps for your bed.

The cheapskate/hobby side of me always is drawn to the diy route first. But this time I found that this was a project better handled by someone else.

Doggy Steps, DIY and Me!

I know, I know. “You shouldn’t let your dog sleep in your bed.”

That’s what the pros say. It’s part of some obedience theory.

First they sleep in your bed, the next thing you know, they’re taking your car keys and borrowing your car or something like that.

However, I am willing to take that risk and endure public scorn in exchange for some good dog cuddles at night.

I am also willing to spend a few dollars on something that will make it happen, especially when it’s more safe for my pup.

Plus, in all honesty, as much as I love to pin DIY projects on Pinterest, I have zero time and even less talent to make most of them happen.

Right now, any DIY dog stair project would end up in “beta stage.” (That means all the pieces sitting in the middle of the garage blocking actual use of the garage. Beta stage has been known to last for months!)

One More Comment on the Safety Thing…

I don’t know how many of you have older dogs or dogs with injuries, but there is nothing more jarring than listening to your dog fall out of bed in the middle of the night.

If you get your dog using the stairs, you can hopefully avoid most of that.

Anyway, dog stairs make it easy for your puppy to safely get in and out of your bed at night and in the morning. Dog stairs can make life a lot more convenient for your furry friend.

Dog steps for bed

Dog Stairs and Small Dogs

Dog stairs are particularly beneficial for animals that are smaller. If you own a dog from a small breed, they can come in particularly handy.

Some dogs are short and therefore unable to safely jump onto beds. If you don’t want to have to pick your pet up every time he or she wants to join you on your bed, dog stairs can be a great help.

Dog Stairs for Large Dogs

Dog stairs can come in equally handy for canines that are larger.

If your 73 pound buddy loves snuggling you in your bed, you don’t have to deal with pulling out your back and the stress of picking him up in advance.

Dog stairs eliminate so many hassles for owners. They can be especially helpful to older individuals. If you’re an older dog owner who wants to save yourself from the risk of uncomfortable back straining, dog stairs may just be a lifesaver.

Best Dog Steps for Bed: 3 Main Factors

There’s nothing too complicated about dog stairs that require too in depth of a review. They come in plastic and in wood.

You will want to consider these two things: 1) the height of your bed 2) the weight they can hold and 3) whether you want to be able to fold up and store them.

I will say that any that you buy will be better, lighter and more attractive than anything I could have pulled off on the DIY front.

We Picked: Solvit PupStep Wood Stairs

Just like most things anymore, I got our stairs from Amazon. We went with the Solvit Pup Step because we wanted to be able to fold them up and we thought they would look nicer.

how to make dog steps for high beds

After living with them for awhile, I will point out two things.

One, we have never folded them up. I guess how many times do you have company in your bedroom? Weird question, but you get the point.

Two, I don’t know how much “class” the wood adds to the equation. There’s not much classy about dog stairs in your bedroom, but I wouldn’t change it for anything! The point is safety and comfort for you and your dog.

Other Dog Stairs for Bed

There are plenty of dog stairs to choose from on Amazon or anywhere else you want to shop. The wood stairs we bought are not as popular as the plastic stairs that Solvit makes.

In fact, the plastic ones are one of the most popular and for good reason. They are quite a bit cheaper than the wood ones. They are also light, weighing in at about 5 lbs. The steps are about 19.5 inches tall.

Other options include the OxGord Dog Stairs:

dog stairs

Pet Gear also makes dog steps:

dog steps

I haven’t used either of these, but the number of positive reviews indicate they get the job done. Like I said before, the main thing is the height and the capacity.

Wrapping it Up on Dog Stairs for Bed

Ultimately, if you are someone (like me!) that lets your dog sleep in bed and they can’t get up anymore, you need to get some dog steps for your bed.

Are you a dog/bed sleeper? What’s your experience with dog steps been? Let me know what you think!

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