7 Steps to Get Your Dog to Come [Free Printable]

The Come Command

This one is necessary if you want your dog to step away from something and heed your calls.

This is especially useful if your dog tends to run away from you to explore on her own or just generally doesn’t come when called.   You’ll Need…

  • Leash. You’ll start off training with your dog on a leash then proceed to training leash-free over time.
  • Treats. Stock up on tasty, interesting treats that are sure to catch your dog’s attention. Treats are both a motivator and reward, so make sure it’s something that will pique your dog’s attention!
  • Clicker. Only applicable to clicker trainers. The presentation of a reward plus some verbal praise should be enough if you don’t utilize a clicker.

Teach The “Come” Command

  • Put on a collar and leash on your dog, one of the instances when you may have to tell your dog to “Come” is when you’re out on a walk and you accidentally let go of the leash. Plus, you’re going to need the leash to drive the point of this command home.
  • Go down to your dog’s level and say “Come” while giving the leash a gentle tug or pull toindicate that you want your dog to go closer to you.
  • When to click/reward: Once your dog reaches you.
  • Another way to do this one without the collar and leash is to go to a closed in area like a room or a fenced yard. Ask your dog to sit, stay, and then walk away from her.
  • Call out your dog’s name and say “Come” in an inviting voice, while enticing her to go to you with a treat in your hand. Again, give the reward once your dog reaches you.
  • If your dog gets distracted on the way and starts to wander off, simply say “No” and wait until she refocuses back to you.
  • Once your dog knows the command and how to properly respond to it, start practicing it in areas where there could be more distractions and temptations lying around. Don’t forget to reinforce.

Get your dog to come every time with our FREE printable one page lesson you can use on the go.