Dog People Have More Friends Than Cat People

Dog people have more friends than cat people

Cat People Have Fewer Facebook Friends Than Dog Lovers

Its official. We now know what we all knew all along: Dog People have more friends. At least according to the researchers at Facebook.

Dog People vs Cat Person

The research team at Facebook has released a study on cat and dog people that reveals a lot about their owners. On average, dog owners have 26 more Facebook friends than cat owners. The catch? Cat people get invited to more events. Maybe it’s the drooling and the panting that keeps the invites away. But the study is full of interesting information.

As expected, cat people are more likely to be single. Facebook was unable to determine how many of those had cute kitty “Hang in There” posters on their walls or glittered sweatshirts. They are also more likely to post that they are feeling tired in their status update.

Seinfeld, Hannah Montana and Despicable Me

As far as entertainment, there is a divide as well. In books, cat people like fantasy and dystopia while dog people like books about dogs. In tv shows, cat people like anime while dog people like Duck Dynasty and Entourage. In movies, cat people love sci-fi, while dog people like love stories.

Is there anything dog and cat people agree on? Yes! Seinfeld, Hannah Montana, and Despicable Me. It’s good that we can come together on important issues!

Surprises From the Cat People

Some of this we thought we knew all along, but some of it is surprising. I never knew cat lovers were so into sci-fi, fantasy and anime. According to the study, Terminator 2 is the most disproportionately loved movie by cat people. Is it Arnold Schwarzenegger? Is it Skynet? Are the cats planning something?

These are the questions that need answering Facebook!

Otherwise, this data validates the notion that dogs have a definite personality and vibe. They bring a certain energy to your home that you don’t see with a cat. Also, there are a lot of things about dog ownership that force you to be more social.

You have to take your dog out for a walk and when you do, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter other people. Plus, dogs are curious and often lead the way in initiating contact with strangers.


All in all, it’s an interesting bit of research. One other big take away: How much Facebook knows about our world, our lives and our dogs.


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