Dog Pee Killing Grass? 3 Fixes for Your Lawn

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Dog Pee Killing Grass

The good news is your dog is potty trained. The bad news is your dog’s urine is ruining your yard. Never fear, we’re here to help with 3 Ways to prevent dog pee killing grass.

Many people love their dogs but do not love everything that their dog leaves behind. But let’s stay positive.

First off, congratulations on potty training your dog! Also, congrats on growing nice grass. Nothing feels better than looking out over a well kept yard.

Unfortunately, dog pee is not good for most lawns. Let’s start by understanding how this happens.

How Does Dog Urine Kill Grass

Dog urine is not good for the grass. It can kill the grass and leave some unsightly brown spots.

Add to that the fact that many dogs have a spot or two that they like to frequent. They will use the same spot often as they leave their smell behind.

Dog urine contains nitrogen. The nitrogen that is found in the urine as well as the waste products have a similar effect to pouring a nitrogen based fertilizer on the law. Too much nitrogen causes damage to the grass including brown spots and burns.

There are two ways to fix the problem. Either train your dog to pee somewhere else or use the 3 tips below to protect and repair your lawn.

how to keep dog pee from killing grass

Home Remedies for Dog Pee Killing Grass

If you don’t want to use chemicals, there are some all natural ways to address the problem.

To help reduce the damage to the grass after the dog urinates saturate the areas of the lawn with water. This will help dilute the nitrogen in the urine and reduce the damage to the ground.

Urine resistant grass can also be planted in the yard. These urine resistant grasses include perennial rye grass and fescues. When the dog urinates these grass are less likely to turn brown or die.

Commercial Remedies for Dog Pee Burning Grass

There are commercial products that can be used to treat the lawn too.  GreenUm Lawn Burn Solution is a product that is able to bring life back to the lawn that was damaged due to pet urine.
Mark Chappell Ltd Green um Solution

Also check out SeeSpotRun a natural lawn protectant.

Dogs can also be given supplements such as Grass Burn Chews for Dogs

Grass Burn Spot Chews Dogs.


PetHonesty also makes a chew for dogs that is very popular and has good reviews as well. You can check the price on PetHonesty on Amazon here.

PetHonesty Grass Green Grass Burn Chews:


This supplement will mind the nitrogen waste in their body to the fecal matter. The nitrogen will then be passed with the feces. This will not harm the dog in any way.

3 Ways to Fix Dead Grass from Dog Urine

Your lawn will stand up better to pets if you keep it in good shape to begin with. Consider using a treatment like TurfPeak to keep your grass healthy overall.

3 Ways to Fix Dead Grass from Dog Urine

1. If the grass is damaged removed any dirt or damaged grass as well as dead matter in that area.

Cover this now bare area with grass seeds and then cover it with organic mulch. Water this area often and keep the dog off of it.

Within a couple of weeks the grass will begin to fill in. Try using a specially formulated seed for pets.

2. Reduce the amount of fertilizer you are using to cut down on the nitrogen in the affected areas. You should also water the grass frequently. This will help reduce additional stress on the grass and give it a chance to recover.

3. Encourage your dog to drink more water. This will dilute the urine. Also let the dog out several times a day to urinate. If a dog has a full bladder they will add more urine to the lawn.


These are some ways that you can restore your lawn from the damage due to dog urine. Now you can have the dog you love and a great looking lawn too!

Dog Pee Ruining Grass


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