Does Your Dog Really Miss You When You Are Gone?

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Dogs are man’s greatest companion, and so we are to them.

We are locked at home for months now and someone is feeling happier – the fur babies. However, when we go back to normal again, will they miss our moments together?

Saying ‘goodbye’ to a dog while going outdoors for a holiday is never easy. Both parties will experience separation anxiety as time goes by. Well, canine pets are not vocal about how they feel, unlike humans. We have no technology yet to allow talking with dogs so we can ask them.

Does Dogs Feel Lonely?

Compared to men, dogs can feel lonely too. That is why different behaviors come out from dogs in various situations. And, when dogs are alone, they can be destructive thus owners must keep an eye on.

On the other hand, canine pets can handle alone time better than other home pets. Most dogs are born clingy to their keepers that may result in loneliness when being separated. It is not bad to spend cuddles with dogs, but make sure to leave someone as a temporary playmate when you leave the house. This will reduce the unease feeling.

No doubt, a dog who felt alone for a long time will run and jump towards its owner while arriving home. This scene is priceless for every fur parent out there.

Destructive Behavior: A Result of Separation Anxiety

Untrained canine pets will grab the opportunity to get into trouble when no one’s around. This is not a bad thing for pets being left alone, they have the right.

All things could be fun for a dog with anxiety, even those mess-making actions. Other home pets such as cats are in trouble when left with a pet dog. It won’t lead to death anyway so no worries. They will just run around the house to ruin everything that could stress out homeowners.

Destructive behavior can be a sign of a dog that misses you or just a bored dog.  There are measures to correct such behavior, which is discussed in other posts. 

8 Signs Your Dog Misses You

Since dogs cannot speak their thoughts, they can still show them through actions. To know whether your dog misses you when you are not around, here this out!

Here are the signs to tell whether your pet dog misses you:

1. Whining

Dogs literally cry sometimes to show their sadness. The sound of a dog’s cry is almost the same as human’s, but easy to distinguish.

Whining is also a way of communication used by dogs at any age. It is an alternative for barking and yet indicates different emotions.

This usually happens before the keepers leave the house to show its sadness seeing them go. It is a good sign that your dog misses you when he whines.

2. The Dog Panics

See if your dog will miss you by testing him at home. Observe him whenever you walk in and out of the house. What would be his response? Most dogs will follow the steps of their owner, as a sign of being afraid to be left out.

Some keepers test their pets by hiding away from the dog for a moment, not literally moving out. The response is a panic mode. The dog will look after its owner and feel anxious in a longer period. Then again, your pet surely misses you.

It takes a bit of explanation towards the dog that not all the time he needs to follow you. Take it step-by-step.

3. High Level of Excitement

As mentioned earlier, a super clingy dog can be too devoted to its keeper. It arouses their joy upon seeing their favorite human.

Going home after a tiring day with a cute dog running your way is an incomparable moment. You will never know how long your pet waits for you to come home. That excited feeling is another great sign that a dog misses its owner.

4. Cuddle Moments

Cuddling is one way for dogs to seek comfort and get attention from their keeper. It is a cute little thing that most pet owners miss when they leave. Well, dogs also miss your cuddle moments together.

You might notice your dog leaning against you after coming home. It is their language of being glad you are back after gone for so long.

This may also happen just before you go out for a trip because dogs have gut feelings too. Your pet might feel you will leave so soon.

5. Chewing Behavior

Perhaps you and your dog have playtime together. Thus, he will surely miss those moments with you.

Chewing behavior may take place when you are not around as if your pet just played around. Your belongings will remind him of you resulting in a chewing problem. Dogs think to cuddle with your stuff instead when you are away from home.

This behavior is dangerous when not monitored and may lead to greater damages. Assign someone in your household to bring him a toy to chew on instead.

6. Watches the door over time

Do you remember waiting for your dad to come home with a surprise when you were a little child? Your pet dog also waits that way for you.

The pet may seem relaxed when you leave, but the truth is, he is looking forward to seeing you again.

Say to other family members to observe how your dog’s doing while you are away. There will be a specific time of the day wherein the dog will stay at the door that seems to wait for someone. Your pet misses you so better to stay safe and come home early.

It is a sweet gesture of any home pets to wait for their owners. But, dogs are much sweeter and loyal.

7. Wagging of the Tail

Among the signs to say whether your pup misses you is when its tail wags. Not all the time dog’s tail is moving so if it does, he surely missed you.

Excited dogs will not just wag their tail but also rubs it against your legs. They are similar to feline pets with that character.

Give him a cuddle right away as a response on how your pet misses you. Dogs loved being spoiled by nuzzles most of the time.

8. Facial Expression

You can tell if a dog is happy by seeing its face. Canine pets might not smile as man does, but they can offer you the most beautiful smile ever.

Keep your eye on its eyebrows, mouth, and eyes and see changes. When you are home, its eyebrows raise, the mouth opens, and eyes appear easygoing. Those are signs of a happy dog.

Stare at your dog’s face the moment you come home and be mesmerized on its beauty and soul.

Final Thoughts

The answer is yes. A dog misses its fur parent away from home. Pet dogs may not be vocal in sharing their feelings to their favorite hooman, but a dog keeper could sense it. Some of the signs above could lead to bad behavior over dogs, so keep watch.

A gentle pat on your dog’s head can make him happier. Once you go home tonight, spend time with your best companion.

Share your experience in the comment box to remind other dog keepers how much their pet loves them.