Does Your Dog Know When You Are Sick?

Does your dog know when you are sick?


My dog is not just a pet for me, I actually treat her as my best friend and child all rolled into one.

We do everything together. We hang out, go for walks, snuggle, sleep in the same bed, eat at the same time.

Call me crazy, but I also think my dog knows when I’m happy or sad, and strange as it may seem, when I am sick. A few times it seems like she knew I was sick before I did.

I honestly didn’t know if dogs have some sort of sixth sense, so I decided to check it out.

But, WOW! Amazingly, based on the research I have read, dogs can detect sickness in their humans.

And another thing, dogs don’t just sense sickness, they also provide comfort even though they cannot speak our language.

So the answer to the question, DOES YOUR DOG KNOW WHEN YOU ARE SICK? Is YES.

Don’t believe me? Read on, skeptical one!

how does my dog know when i'm sick

Here are the signs on how they know that their owner is sick.

1. Facial expression

by facial expression

One of the dogs the abilities is to recognize facial expressions. They know if you are happy, sad, angry, or sick. And they have a different response in every expression they will see in your face.

When  I am happy, Delilah wags her tail, relaxes her ears, and looks like she is giving me a smile too.

And she looks so cute when she looks at me like that so I keep on touching her head and slide my hands from head to tail repeatedly.

When I am in a bad mode, she knows it. I can sense her giving me space and staying back a bit.

When I am sick, she is extra clingy and stays right by my side.

2. Behavior

by behavior

We might not notice but we are almost doing the same routine every day. We wake up, take a bath, eat, and getting ready for work. Then after work, dogs are so excited to see you home. Aside from doing the same routine we also do same expressions every day.

If those sample routines will change in an instant, expressions changes too and the dog will notice it. She will look like she wants to ask “what’s wrong?”

Based on research, dogs are one of the best ways to recover and bring back the usual us.

3. Body language

by body language

How do you think our dogs survive in a world full of humans? They can’t even talk to communicate and ask.

Well, they don’t need to wait for a human to bark also for them to know what is happening or they don’t need to understand our language to know what we are talking about. Our amazing dogs know how to read body language.

Sad face, slumped shoulders, immobility, and fragile movements are all things your dog notices.

And when they notice it, they are trying to do their very best to comfort us and bring back the joy in us.

While just a few humans know how to read body language and be sensitive to the feelings and emotions of other people.

4. Smell

by smell

The sense of smell of dogs is  far different from humans. They have a stronger sense of smell.

They use this strong sense to detect sickness. They can smell if the person is in a bad mode, if it is about to seizure, if the migraine will attack, and also if the person has cancer.

Maybe all dogs can detect serious illness but it is more likely to the trained dogs.

A simple illness of a human can be sensed by all dogs. A virus may cause a change in the odor of human that a dog can only smell.

Some research even suggests that dogs do a better job of detecting illness than technology. 

Other Benefits of Owning a Dog

  1. Dogs can make us happy only by their presence and touch.
  2. Can make us more active because of the happiness they bring
  3. Petting them can heal, just like in someone’s migraine, some dogs can detect your pending migraine (if you have) 2hours before.
  4. Can help us stay healthy because when we are happy, we can attract more good vibes which are the reason for us not to feel depressed or sad that can cause to breakdown.
  5. Can fulfill the emptiness in your heart. For example, is the couples who can’t bear children, having dog pets that will catch their attention will make them feel like they are having a complete family.
  6. Guard your home, they are the first one who can notice if a stranger is entering your house.
  7. They are the first one who is very excited to see you home.


I’m biased, but dogs make the best companions a person could ever ask for. They are loyal, friendly and they are in tune with your day to day emotions.

They are also smart and perceptive and able to notice things in their human companions.

The next time you are sick and your dog is extra cuddly, it’s not just a coincidence. Your dog know you are sick based on a combination of smell and observation.

She’s being extra cuddly to help you out.

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Can My Dog Tell When I am Sick

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