Does My Dog Have Fleas? 5 Quick Ways to Tell

does my dog have fleas or dry skin

I know how you love cuddling with your dog on a nice Sunday morning. But what happens when you think you see a tiny black thing crawling quickly under your pooch’s beautiful coat? Or worse, jumping on the bed. If you’re asking does my dog have fleas, we have 5 quick ways to tell.

Fleas are bad news for dogs and dog moms and dads. The most annoying part is that signs of a flea infestation are not always obvious, particularly if you are dealing it for the very first time. Here are 5 quick ways to tell if your dog has fleas:

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Scratching, biting and licking by your dog

Probably one of the most obvious sign that your pooch is infested with fleas is abnormal scratching, biting and licking. I mean, tiny black things began to live in your skin and start running up and down and ultimately suck the blood out of you, who wouldn’t feel the itch?

Fleas tend to set on thick furs and in hard to reach and awkward places like the neck, the back of the head and armpits. Just take a look at how your doggo scratch and bite and lick like crazy and you’ll know how frustrated and annoyed he is.

Scratching, biting and licking by dog


Corresponding with the nonstop itching and scratching, if your quite dog is always irritable and fidgeting, then it is highly likely that they are suffering frustrations of a flea infestation.

Keep in mind that a dog with a thicker fur and a flea infestation can be living in a nightmare. Constantly scratching and itching at places just out of their reach with no way to say the problem to their owner. Poor thing.

itchy dog

Unusual red patches of skin

Some dogs can be allergic to flea bites saliva. Such allergic reactions do not need to be on the bitten body part only. Hypersensitivity to flea bite can cause lesions and rashes all over the body.

Does my dog have fleas

Powdery ‘deposits’

You’ll know that you are dealing with a persistent flea infestation if you spot any white, brown, or black mounds of a strange compound in your bedding or at your pooch’s coat.

The white stuff is flea eggs. Like any other living things, fleas reproduce and lay eggs in order to keep their annoying and pestering lineage for years. The dark stuff, on the other hand (please ready yourself), are tiny deposits of pepper powdery looking stuff also known as flea poop.


Pale gums

If take a quick inspection of your dog’s gums and find it looking a little pale, then the poor thing might have anemia. Anemia is a condition that relates to the number of red blood cells produced by the body.

One huge symptom of anemia are pale gums and in turn becomes a fairly substantial sign of flea infestation. A pale gum means that there are too many fleas leeching off your dog’s blood to such degree that his body cannot keep up with the demand.

Solutions if Your Dog Has Fleas

Fortunately, if your dog does have fleas, there are several simple remedies available to fix the problem.

If you want to keep fleas away in the first place, try a flea collar like this:

If you don’t like the collars, check out this:

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How to Tell if Dog has Fleas

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