Do Dogs Really Smile?

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Do dogs really smile

We’ve all see it in our dogs, the moment you say that magic word “walk,” when you scoop up their favorite toy or even when you come home after a long day. That goofy smile they get when they are overcome with excitement.

The look in their eyes when they love you or what is happening around them. Some will say it really isn’t a smile but as a pet parent, you feel like it must be. They love you just as you love them right? So a smile is absolutely possible, isn’t it? Keep reading, we’ve got the answers you seek!

Do Dogs Have Emotions Like Humans?

First things first, what exactly is a human smile? It’s really simple, just moving your mouth into a turned up position, sometimes you show teeth, other times you don’t.

Many times you will smile involuntarily, for instance, when laughing at a joke. Other times a smile is intentional like when you smile to greet someone. A smile is a symbol of happiness, but it is the same when it comes to dogs and their smiles?

The Science Behind That Smile

The limbic system that is within the brain is responsible for an array of different functions including motivation, behavior, memories, and emotions. There is strong evidence that shows the human brain is the most developed, but that canine species are not far behind.

Various studies have been done to look into non-humans and their ability to experience, show and process emotions, and issues. The result have been that non-human animals are complete capable of feeling emotions as well as display different behaviors that express these emotions.

In short, yes, dogs do smile! The question is, does their smile mean the same thing as our does?

Making Them Smile Even More

Make Them The Star Of The Show

If you are a pet owner, you know these furry little bundles can be big show offs! They love our attention and always looking for more of it. Showing off also typically gets an excited, happy response from us, only intensifying the joy your dog feels. To us, a smile means happiness or joy. To your dog, it means the same thing.

We All Want To Be Happy, Including Your Dog

Many things in life will bring your canine friend a lot of happiness. Think about how they act when treats or their favorite toy is present. They are filled with joy and excitement. This knowledge is a great tool when training your dog.

Remember what makes them happy, and use that to train them to do as they are told, so they receive the reward they are after. Don’t have a dog that enjoys toys and is just ok with treats? Train them with the result being affection from you. All dogs love a good belly rub once they done a good job!

You Are Really All They Need

Dogs love their humans just as we love them. Just you being in the room, coming home from work, or even just being close to them will create the happiness that results in those big goofy smiles.

Being on the receiving end of a smile from your precious pooch is endearing and also common. Dogs have the ability to understand emotions and a smile to them is another positive thing. Dogs will try to mimic our forms of communication and will learn this behavior from those around him.

Dogs will smile for so many different reasons. So get out there, get them smiling, you will be pleasantly surprised just how much they make you smile too!

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