10 Reasons Why DIY Dog Training Will Make You Love Your Dog Even More

DIY Dog Training

What is DIY Dog Training? Give me a second to explain. . .

So you’ve tried Googling how to fix that problem with your dog. You got 43 million articles that all said the same thing. You read a few, but it didn’t work.

Then you bought a book or a program that was supposed to fix it. That didn’t work either.

Then, finally after spending 132 hours online and reading 2.5 chapters of 12 different books, you broke down and signed up for the dog obedience class at the big pet store or the small quaint obedience school with the catchy name. Several dollars later, that didn’t work either.

If you were really desperate (like me) you splurged on having a professional dog trainer come out to the house to put an end to the craziness once and for all. They Came, They Saw and. . .


Back to the old routine. Or even worse, if you were exactly like me, the trainer came out to the house with a metal prong collar to torture your dog into submission.

No thanks.

DIY Dog Training is a Better Way

Dog moms and dads, training has been on our minds a lot lately, and we’d like to share our idea that  DIY Dog Training is the best way to solve your dog problems and have an even better relationship with your dog.

Nobody likes a misbehaving dog, and as dog parents, it can be embarrassing to be out with a misbehaving dog. Even in your own home, you have to herd your dog into another room when you’re entertaining company because they can’t help themselves and jump on your guests as soon as they hit the door.

You can forget the dog park, too. No way. Bringing out your dog in public is just too risky and difficult..

As you might already know, DIY stands for Do it Yourself. It means doing a bit of research and then putting what you’ve learned into action. It involves doing, making and creating. So while DIY Dog Training involves a little bit of reading, it has more to do with doing.

Less time on the computer, more time with your dog. Less time driving across town for a thirty minute class, more time with your dog.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are the 10 reasons that should change your mind.

10 Reasons Why DIY Dog Training Will Make You Love Your Dog Even More

1. It Keeps Your Dog Safe

A properly trained dog will obey your commands without fail, and this is extremely beneficial in the face of trouble. The reality is your dog will never get properly trained if you never follow through with other methods or you just get bad advice.

For instance, you’re out on a walk and your dog gets loose from his leash. An untrained dog may end up running into oncoming traffic, or simply get lost in the crowd. It’s not every day that you can be in a safe environment when accidents like this happen, and when the time comes you’d be thankful that your dog knows how to come when called, to sit, to stay, or to heel, leash or no leash.

2. It’s More Personal

Not all dogs and dog parents have the same circumstances, and that’s not often addressed by obedience classes. They’re pretty much set in their ways and use means that have been proven effective for other dogs, but what if that doesn’t work for your dog? Your dog ends up flunking.

We should view dog behavioral problems the same way we do humans’. Sometimes it’s a matter of circumstance, and what often works best in that situation is a more personalized learning method that will specifically cater to that dog’s (or person’s) needs.

3. You Call The Shots

Admittedly, there are a lot of material out there on dog training. But when you use DIY Dog Training, you get to choose which ones to adapt and which ones not to. Basically, you decide which methods you think are worth using and which ones you’d rather steer clear of (like prong collars and dominance theory).

4. You Get to Address Problem Behaviors

We may be able to live with some of our dog’s less ideal behaviors, especially if these are confined within the home, but there are some which require attention or else it will put our dogs (as well as ourselves and others too) at risk.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a dog who’s practically perfect in every way, so it’s a common problem for dog moms and dads to have some issues with their dog misbehaving. And that’s okay, because training will allow you to solve these misbehaviors the right way. Besides, one dog parents “jumping on the couch problem” is another’s killer snuggle session.

You’ll understand why your dog is inclined to behave this way, and how you could get them to stop. From leash pulling to jumping up at people, you will know how to keep your dog well-mannered in whatever situation.

5. It Allows You to Bond with Your Dog

Training your dog often means that you as their fur parent would spend more time with your dog. In order to train them and for them to respond to your commands, you must understand what makes them tick and how exactly you would utilize that for them to obey your commands. As you spend more time training together, you will be able to get to know your dog better, and they you as well.

Subsequently, you are able to know your dog’s little quirks and what they mean. You know when your dog is truly focused on you, or if their mind is elsewhere. You know the signs of them becoming excited and you know how to keep them behaved despite it.

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6. You Learn As Well

Training doesn’t just mean that your dog is the only one learning, in fact, you learn things too! In the process of DIY Dog Training, you learn more about your dog, what the reasons for common dog problems are, and how you could address them accordingly. You’ll learn how dogs learn and be able to utilize this knowledge in making your training sessions better and more effective for both you and your dog.

7. Training Means That You’re Both Active

A lot of dog problems can often result from unspent energy, and training is just another form of physical activity that can help you and your dog have a regular means of dispensing of this energy. After all, you have to deviate from walks and playing fetch every once in awhile, and this way you’re both learning something new.

8. It’s Convenient

Probably the biggest advantage of training your DIY Dog Training, training at home means you don’t have to leave home to do it. Granted you might do some of training out on walks, but you don’t have to drive miles to go to a training school every time your dog has a lesson.

You also get to choose your own schedule. You know your schedule best, and you can put your dog’s training in it whenever you’re free. Some dog training school schedules may not be that amenable to your own time, as they usually have fixed business hours.

Basically, you don’t have to spend as much on a training class if you do it yourself. And we know how expensive those lessons can be!

9. Everyone’s Happy!

It’s not just you and your dog who will benefit from the training, but the other people and pets that your dog will come into contact with as well. If your household has been having some troubles getting your dog to behave, training will allow you to keep your dog in check. Plus, your dog will know less reprimand and more rewards and positive reinforcements if they keep up with their obedience, and that’s more appealing and rewarding than punishments will ever be.

10. There’s Diversity of Ideas

As mentioned before, most dog training classes are often set on doing things one way. Choosing to train your dog DIY using online sources means that you get to see the different methods that people have and how to effectively use them to train your dog. You can go for clicker training, rewards based training, and more.

How We Are Taking DIY Dog Training to the Next Level

Convinced yet? Here’s the thing, this site was born out of our own personal experiences with dog behavior problems. We tried to fix them with training classes and wasted hours and hours online reading bad articles on how to train your dog. We also went to online forums and discussions where people made us feel like horrible dog owners. There just wasn’t a good place to go.

We wanted a better way that fit our lives and fit our dogs. Through trial and error and lots of hard work, we found a better way and now we try to share it on this blog.

The awesome thing? The more we shared, the more like minded dog parents found us and agreed with what we were saying. Now there are thousands of dog moms and dad that visit our blog everyday.

Our goal is to always make it better, which is why we are working on taking it to the next level. We are putting together an even better resource for like minded dog parents that will have all the answers and support you need in one place. It will also have a forum so that we can all talk to each other about our dogs. We can discuss what’s working and what’s not, or just share a funny story or a cute pic.

We are super excited and hope you are too. If you want to keep up to date on our progress, you can head over here and check out a short video and get on the early bird notification list.

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DIY Dog Training

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