Fun and Unique Gift Ideas from Dog is Good

Need gift ideas for the dog lovers in your life? Check out these stuff from the folks at Dog is Good:

fun and unique gift ideas from dog is good

Granted, not every dog lover hears this at some point in their lives. But let’s be honest, if it came to choosing, there really is no contest!

*whispers* Dogs win. 


its good to be a dog momDog moms will have a blast receiving this, because they will relate. A lot.


gift ideas for dog loversOne of the perks of having a canine companion is that you’re never alone. It’s great!


Dog Codependent

Not gonna lie, we can relate a little too well to this one. 


OMG I forgot to have children

*Fake gasps* What have I done?! 


make things happen

Dog Won't Come When Called?

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Like, “time for walks” things.


your dog doesn't know sit

No he don’t. Sassy and witty, we love it!


gift ideas from dog is good

Because being with your dog means utmost peace. Until they start getting hyper…


unique gift ideas

This cute watch is a cute way to express how much you love dogs. Dog lovers will surely want one.


unique gift ideas from dog is goodAnother variation of the ‘Dog is My Zen’. This one’s a hoodie for snuggles when your dog is not around. But when aren’t they?


chase your dream pj pantAnd finally, these cute pajamas. Dogs are the best example to chasing one’s dreams. These pants are witty and truthful in one.

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