Choosing The Best Dog Breed: Things To Consider

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Sharing a home with a canine pet will demand time and a healthy lifestyle ahead. To add up new pets is so exciting and also overwhelming on how to choose one.

This is applicable in owning a pet dog for the first time on which thinking about many factors is necessary. Remember that you are not just getting a pet but a lifetime companion. This post will discuss some essential factors in choosing the best dog breed that fits you.

7 Things to Consider

Some dog parents are now stressed out because of the wrong choices made in the past. That is getting a dog that does not fit them. Most of the time we choose dogs depending on their gender, but here is more than that.

Family Lifestyle

Since dogs are companion pets, they like spending time with humans. Check your lifestyle before adopting or buying a pet dog. Are you living a busy life? Or, how many hours can you spend time with a dog?

Keeping up with dogs is very much important especially when that pet has high energy levels. They can be destructive if not given the proper amount of attention. What if you are not an active person? Pick calmer dog breeds that won’t get rough when not being cuddled.

Size and Age

Consider your space before getting a dog. Larger dogs demand more space to feel comfortable while playing around. Small dogs, on the other hand, may get lost in bigger spaces thus it is not wise to get one while living in a huge house.

Age speaks the maturity of a pet dog. Do you have longer patience? Then, puppies or younger dogs could be best for you. They are very playful but easier to train than older dogs. However, they can harm kids living under the roof.

Old dogs have lesser energy and so won’t harm kids as compared to puppies. Experts say that dogs can live in very limited years on which adopting older dogs means having a companion in a shorter period.


Get a dog that the entire household can deal with. Dogs are loving creatures but can also be aggressive sometimes especially when the pet is stressed. Their different personalities make the life of a dog parent more exciting and also more responsible.

Dogs can act as a family pet or a guard pet and that depends on their overall personality. Family pet dogs must be an easygoing breed and have no signs of aggression. They are friendly to the people they care for and also toward familiar faces.

Guard dogs have the responsibility of protecting a family or a residence. That being said, a bit of aggressive behavior is necessary to scare intruders. They must not be deceived by a pat on the head especially from strangers.


Providing a dog’s basic needs can be costly year after year. It includes basic grooming, proper diet, comfortable habitat, and routine vet visits. Those would demand lots of money on which dog parents must be prepared for.

Dog breeds with longer hair require more time for grooming not to compromise their sense of sight. Go for short-haired dogs if the cost of grooming bothers you, but this does not mean grooming is excluded on the list.

Their diet also changes as they grow older. It increases in the amount that directly affects the costs. Owning a lot of dogs could break your pocket by just providing them a proper diet.

Dog’s habitat must offer enough room, so better buy a larger enclosure even when taking care of a puppy that will grow bigger over time.

Prepare a monthly budget intended for your dogs which can account for a high amount of expenses. That loving companion is enough to return on investment.


What is the climate condition of where you live? Is it too hot or too cold, or in a tropical area? Climate is another important factor to consider in selecting a dog breed. There are dog breeds that can adapt to hot climates and colder areas.

Dog breeds with a thicker coat would overheat in hotter climates, better get a pet dog with lesser fur.

The Decision to Buy or Adopt

Adopting a canine pet means saving life on which many pet shelters are promoting these days. Different dog breeds can be found in shelters. You may apply the above factors in choosing which to adopt.

On the other hand, buying a dog is a result of the intention to take care of a pet. You will buy for a reason for having a companion at home. Referrals will matter in getting the best dog breeds. Knowing some factors in getting a dog would not be enough to end up with the right dog breed. Other’s opinions must also be considered.

Noise Tolerance

Not all pet owners have a high level of noise tolerance. Some dogs bark loudly than the others. Neighbors may complain against a loud dog.

If your purpose in getting a dog is to be on guard, then a loud dog is advisable. Quiet ones apply to in-house dogs.

Some Recommended Dog Breeds for Beginners

Below is a list of beginner-friendly dog breeds. These dogs have nice personalities and traits that will please homeowners.

Golden Retrievers

This dog breed is easy to train as it follows commands right away. It is friendly with other dogs and has a blissful personality. Golden Retrievers are perfect to cuddle.


Another dog breed that can get along with other home pets is the beagle. They are playful and a good apartment dog. Time for exercise is necessary to keep them active. Grooming is not much required with this dog breed.


An inactive lifestyle makes pug the best companion. They can be as lazy as you are, kidding aside. Start training pugs at a young age as this breed is not easy to train. They are low-maintenance dogs but very prone to health issues. Pugs are also friendly with kids but not with other pets.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are suitable to guard dogs because of their loyal personality. They are easy to discipline and are highly intelligent. Keep in mind, German Shepherds can be aggressive towards unfamiliar faces and other pets.

Final Words

Taking care of any pet will demand many things to consider beforehand. For canine pets, there are seven factors you should keep in mind. It is advisable to be equipped before deciding to buy or adopt a pet dog. Also, prepare your budget in providing all your future dog needs.

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