Chizer: Check Out This Adorable Small Dog Breed

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Hundreds of dog breeds are currently present in the canine’s world. Dogs can be small, medium, or large, which are all fit to be a companion. Most dog keepers prefer small dog breed because of their cuteness and easy to take care of.One is the chizer dog breed, so read on to check out this adorable pet!

Chizer Explained

Chizer is a perfect mix of Chihuahua and Schnauzer.They are a small dog breed that existed in the early 15th century and finally recognized in 2009.It is one of the popular pet companions nowadays due to its playful character.


They came from Mexico on way back the 9th century.It is a pure breed dog with very reserve personality towards others, but a quiet confident with just one person. He is very alert and quite sensitive.It is a tiny dog with an apple-shaped head.


It is a miniature dog out of breeding mixtures, including Poodle, Affenpinscher, and many smaller dog breeds.Schnauzer is the opposite of Chihuahua, as it is more extroverted. He likes to be around with people at all times.


Chizer’s final look will depend on its parents’genetic breakdown.They also vary in colors. Its average height is 6 to 14-inches with weight around 4 to 15-pounds.

The coat can be short or long. Its coat is softer on the head than on the body. It has round and large eyes, and a well-developed black nose. His ears are erect or long and floppy with a muzzle that is squared or pointed. They have a slender body type with short or long legs.Their tail can be long or cropped.

Health Concerns

Chizer is prone to many health issues, such as gastric problems, pancreatitis, and weight problems. Having a nutritional plan for the pet is therefore necessary. Some of the health issues are from their parents.


In grooming a chizer, the professional groomer is not needed as it can be done by the pet owner. They must take a bath occasionally like the other dog breeds.It shedders fur from low to moderate and so brushing them regularly helps to deal with severe hair fall.

Check out for the water not to get inside its ears or nose. Cleanse the surrounding area of its eyes with a wet cloth. Make sure to gently clean its ears, nails, and teeth properly.


The perfect meal for the chizer is low-fat dog food. Mix a cup of wet and dry dog food in a single meal.It is easy to digest, to prevent gastric problems. Do not overfeed the pet dog for it may result in a serious weight problem.


Chizer is like humans who need to perform daily exercises to lose fat.This avoids the pet from gaining weight and further health issues.

It has a lot of energy, so exercising could be the best way to use its energy for good. Think of exercise routines that will challenge him physically and mentally. You can let him play indoors just keep the area secured.This pet dog can jump high despite its small size.

It could be a daily walk in the park or by simply playing with him.Bringing your pet outdoors will improve its social skills with every dog he meets. It also helps to boost its social behavior towards other dog keepers.

Dog Training

Both Chihuahua and Schnauzer are easy to train dog breeds, so as their offspring. However, chizer is sometimes stubborn during training. They can be easily distracted, but easy to learn dog commands. Apply consistency in training the dog breed.

Training is best to start at an early age, especially in developing its social behavior.Let him meet other dogs and strangers at an early age to prevent any bad social habits as it gets old.

Potty training is also essential to teach dogs.It avoids a messy home environment and also encourages him to be more disciplined on its waste.

Give your pet a reward to encourage him to do better next time. You can buy dog treats in the market.


Chizer came from different dog breeds with different behavior. It has a combined bold and active personality. That sounds interesting. Its behavior is never stable that depends on the people around him. Sometimes they are sweet and gentle. They can be possessive and aggressive towards other people to show loyalty to their owners.

Other than that, the chizer loves to capture attention through cuddles, kisses, and hugs. It is a great family companion that stays all the time. They love spending most of their energies with their hooman.

Chizer is also a shy dog towards strangers and other dogs. They will not play along with other dogs and humans without the permission of their fur parents. That is the reason why training them socially is very much important.

Letting a chizer play with children requires adult supervision as biting may take place.This small dog might cause harm to children when they pick him up. Then again,early socialization training must take place.


Chizer is adaptable to its environment, but not during cold climates. Their small feature cannot cope up with colder weather, so take action towards it.

Chizer prefers solitude rather than living in a group.Their issues on socialization must be considered in having them as a pet companion. They are perfect to live with single people or with a household that is willing to train a dog.It is not advisable for homes with little children.

We cannot recommend a particular habitat for chizer, as they can live both indoors and in the yard. Keep in mind to provide enough space for the pet to play around.

Chizer is never too picky on where to stay.

Life Duration

Living with a dog for a lifetime is impossible. Dogs have a shorter life expectancy than humans.As mentioned earlier, the chizer is prone to many health issues, which can affect its life duration.They can live above an average of 12 to 18 years of age. It can be extended with proper care. So, be responsible for taking care of the chizer dog breed.

Final Thoughts

Are you now ready to buy or adopt a chizer? There are not yet well-known in the canine’s world, but already existing. This crossbreed pet dog will meet the expectations of most dog lovers who live alone.

Chizer will make everyone’s life more joyful and active with its loving attitude.It takes a responsible hooman to grow a chizer healthier along the way.Keep an eye on its health concerns to make him live longer.

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