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training your dog with treats

7 Secrets to Training Your Dog With Treats

The use of treats in dog training is by far one of the most effective positive reinforcement methods. But knowing how to use dog training treats is more important than knowing that they work. That’s

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how to make dog training fun

How to Make Dog Training Fun and Still Have a Dog That Obeys

Let’s be real. When most of us think dog training, we don’t think fun. But, making it fun will be the key to your success. If it’s not fun you won’t do it. So how do you make dog training fun?

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DIY Dog Training

10 Reasons Why DIY Dog Training Will Make You Love Your Dog Even More

What is DIY Dog Training? Give me a second to explain. . . So you’ve tried Googling how to fix that problem with your dog. You got 43 million articles that all said the same thing. You read a few, but

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How to Effectively Teach the Drop It Command to Any Dog

Our latest training post was about 6 basic commands that every dog should know, and now we’re going to learn another one to add to your arsenal: the Drop It command. More often than not, dog parents

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6 commands to teach your dog that will make you both happier

6 Commands to Teach Your Dog That Will Make You Both Happier

I used to think dog training was kind of mean. I thought it was about people wanting to make dogs do things that they didn’t want to do. Turns out I was wrong (shocking, I know). Dogs that are trained

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do clicker training

4 Reasons Clicker Training Isn’t Working for You and Your Dog

Hello again, fellow dog moms and dads! If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried clicker training at some point with your dog. If you’re really like me, you may have not had much success. Instead

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is pack leader training legit

Alpha Dog or Dog Bully: Is Pack Leader Training Legit?

If you’ve been looking into dog training, you’ve probably run across the dog pack leader training theory. Or if you’ve been to the dog park lately, you’ve seen the dude in the cool shades that

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Gentle dog training techniques

How Gentle Dog Training Techniques Will Make You a Better Dog Mom

It’s the age old debate when it comes to dog training: positive rewards or corrective punishment. Today we are going to show you how gentle dog training techniques are not only better, but they will

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5 ways to stop Puppy Crying in Crate

Puppy Crying in Crate? 5 Ways to Stop the Saddest Sound on Earth

Sad puppy eyes and a pitiful puppy whimper. If you have a pulse, then those two things are sure to melt your heart. Unfortunately, the sound of your puppy crying in crate is common when trying to crate

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Bringing Home a Puppy

The Complete Guide to Bringing A Puppy Home [Infographic]

Bringing a puppy home for the first time is exciting. You’re excited, the dog is excited and the future is bright! Not to be a Debbie Downer, but before you run out to your local shelter or breeder

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