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The 7 Best Dogs that are Good with Cats

You have probably seen shows that portray the rivalry between dogs and cats. They fight about pretty much everything, from food to their owner, and their space in the house. It is cute to see them fight, but how long will they treat each other as enemies? Even the phrase “fighting like dogs & cats” […]

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How to Make a Paracord Dog Leash

How to Make a Paracord Dog Leash

Looking for a cool DIY dog project? Check out how to make a paracord dog leash, it’s a fund and easy project that you can actually use everyday. Are you thinking of customizing and making your own leash for your dog, want a unique dog leash or just want to create one to save money? […]

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6 Signs That A Dog is About to Bite

signs a dog is about to bite

As a dog parent who has gotten bitten by a dog quite a few times (nothing serious, thankfully), I have learned to be alert for signs that a dog is about to bite. Whether it’s my own dogs or one that I’m just meeting for the first time, I am constantly wary about approaching one […]

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How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in the House: All’s Well With No Smell

How to get rid of dog smell in the house

Part of being a dog parent is asking how to get rid of dog smell in the house. It’s pretty inevitable, considering that living with dogs entails some serious stink issues. For homes with indoor dogs, the smelly problem is a thousandfold. But compared to having my dogs be subjected to the weather outside the […]

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Here’s How To Give Your Kids a Puppy for Christmas

giving a puppy as a gift

Thinking of giving your kids a puppy for Christmas? Heck yeah! Who doesn’t love puppies, especially kids! But, whoa, slow down there Speed Racer, at least read this article first. Don’t worry, we won’t try to talk you out of it, we just want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. When  it […]

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How to Make Dog Training Fun and Still Have a Dog That Obeys

how to make dog training fun

Let’s be real. When most of us think dog training, we don’t think fun. But, making it fun will be the key to your success. If it’s not fun you won’t do it. So how do you make dog training fun? Check this out. DIY dog training, when done right, is an effective way to […]

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To Feed or Not to Feed: Here’s A List of Food Your Dog Can’t Eat

list of food your dog can't eat

When my dogs give me the puppy dog eyes while I’m eating a snack, it takes a whole lot of self-control not just give them everything I’m eating right there and then. Instead, I have to think about how safe the food is for them before I allow them a taste of it. Since this […]

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8 Real Dog Shedding Remedies That Will Make Your Life Less Hairy

dog shedding remedies

You can easily spot a dog parent even without their dog. Just look for the dog hair on their clothes! While dog shedding is a completely normal thing, it can get out of control quick. That’s when you can use these 8 dog shedding remedies to push back against the mountain of hair.  Some dog […]

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7 Big Dogs That Don’t Shed

big dogs that don't shed

So you’re looking to pick a new member for your family and you have a distinct quality that you’re looking for: doesn’t shed. And you’re sitting there wanting to adopt a dog that’s bigger than most, but do big dogs that don’t shed exist? Today’s your lucky day because yes, they do! While it’s a […]

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4 Reasons Why Your Dog is Licking the Carpet

dog licking carpet

So I recently stumbled upon this video of a dog being a good doggie who cleans up their owner’s carpet for them… Okay, maybe that’s not what he’s doing, but before the Dog Licking Carpet Challenge becomes a thing we better clear up the reasons why your dog has been making the carpet soggy (and […]

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