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How to read dogs body language

5 Secrets of Doggie Language: Reading Dog Signals

Have you ever watched your dog interact with another dog? It’s fascinating, but you feel left out of the conversation. You don’t know doggie language, but you know they are talking, you just

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Nervous and fearful dog

4 Tips for Nervous and Fearful Dogs

As a dog parent, it can be sad to have a nervous or fearful dog. You want your dog to live happy, fun and free. You want to help so badly, but nothing seems to work. Some dogs get separation anxiety when

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The 1 Thing Not to Do When Potty Training Your Puppy

New puppies are loads of fun! They are cute and cuddly and their spunky personalities and wet noses will melt anyone’s heart. But what about potty training your puppy? That joy can wear off quickly

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