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How to Train a Beagle

Ноw tо Тrаіn а Beagle (and why you should adopt one!) I love beagles. Heck, everyone loves beagles. Especially beagle puppies. If your lucky enough to have one of these adorable pups, you might

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Skip Puppy Training Class! 5 Must Haves for Your Dog [Video]

Skip Puppy Training Class! 5 Must Haves for Your Dog Hooray! You have a new puppy! After the initial excitement, you might be wondering how to train your adorable new pup. We’re here to give you

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Puppy Biting Training: You Are Doing it Wrong!

  By far the biggest mistake people make when training their puppy is with mouthing and biting. This article will take what you know about puppy biting training and stand it on its head. When you’re

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This is Why Your Dog Won't Come When Called

This is Why Your Dog Won’t Come When Called

“My dog won’t come when called!” It’s something we hear all the time. Dogs, like kids, seem to have selective hearing at the most important times. According to the pros at The

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3 Easy Steps to Be The Dog Pack Leader

Have you ever seen a dog walking its owner? The dog is charging ahead, the leash is pulled tight like a piano wire, and the owner is stumbling behind just trying to keep up. If that sounds familiar, it

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How to Stop A Puppy From Jumping Up

It’s irresistible at first. Your new puppy wants to jump on your lap, who can say no? But learning how to stop a puppy from jumping up is something you need to start on right away. Whether its potty

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6 Danger Signs Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

If your dog or puppy is acting up, it’s not always an obedience issue. Many dogs act out because of other issues they develop. One of the most common is separation anxiety. As many as 14% of dogs

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How to read dogs body language

5 Secrets of Doggie Language: Reading Dog Signals

Have you ever watched your dog interact with another dog? It’s fascinating, but you feel left out of the conversation. You don’t know doggie language, but you know they are talking, you just

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Nervous and fearful dog

4 Tips for Nervous and Fearful Dogs

As a dog parent, it can be sad to have a nervous or fearful dog. You want your dog to live happy, fun and free. You want to help so badly, but nothing seems to work. Some dogs get separation anxiety when

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The 1 Thing Not to Do When Potty Training Your Puppy

New puppies are loads of fun! They are cute and cuddly and their spunky personalities and wet noses will melt anyone’s heart. But what about potty training your puppy? That joy can wear off quickly

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