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5 Easy Steps On How To House Train A Puppy

In house training your puppy, you need to have a positive reinforcement, patience, and consistency. Actually, the goal here is to impart good habits as well as build a loving bond with your beloved pet. If you are not familiar with training your puppy, you may follow some simple ways on how to house train […]

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How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need

We all want our dogs to be healthy and happy, and that includes exercise. But how much exercise does my dog need? Let’s find out. A tired dog is a good dog, they say. But between family responsibilities and busy work schedules, it’s  hard to keep up with daily dog exercise needs. And as a […]

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These 9 Dog Obedience Training Tips Will Make Your Dog Happier

dog obedience training tips

Have you ever felt bad when you tried to train your dog? You’re not alone. Dog training done wrong can be a pretty miserable experience. The good news is it can actually be fun and transform your relationship with your dog. Check out these 9 dog obedience training tips that will make you and your […]

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How to Stop Your Dog from Barking Inside

How to Stop Dog Barking Inside

Too much dog barking can be a problem, but it can really get bad if your dog is barking inside the house. Want to know how to stop your dog from barking inside? Read on and we’ll show you some quick and easy dog training tips to help stop excessive barking. But first, lets ask […]

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5 Best Dog Training YouTube Channels

Dog Training YouTube Channels

Nowadays, you can find everything on YouTube. As a matter of fact, if you want to train your dog this complex and vast website can help you a lot. Even so, when it comes to training your dog using videos is much better compared to pictures. In fact, there are now lots of dog training […]

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How to Teach Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs On Walks

Imagine this: You and your doggo are walking along the sidewalk in peace and relaxed. Suddenly, another individual is coming your way also walking with their doggo. Your buddy saw his buddy and starts to bark excitedly and lunges toward the other dog. Not only does this type of behavior is rude and inappropriate, it […]

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Brain Training for Dogs: 7 Mental Stimulation Games to Keep Your Pup Sharp 

brain training games for dogs

Even with our busy schedules, we all remember that our furry friends need to be properly fed and exercises. But a lot of times we forget that our dogs need mental stimulation too. Check out these 7 mental stimulation games that will give some brain training for dogs. Lack of mental stimulation will lead to […]

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The Super Easy Guide on How to Teach Your Dog to Shake Hands in 6 Steps

How to Teach Your Dog to Shake Hands

Some dog tricks are classic. They’re the kind of tricks that any dog, no matter how crazy, can still seem to learn. Here at Good Doggies, we’re all about having fun with our sometimes less than perfect mannered pups. So today we are going to show you how to teach your dog to shake hands […]

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How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over in 9 Easy Steps

how to teach your dog to roll over

Dog training can actually be fun if you’re doing it right. Once your dog knows the basic such as to sit, lie down, and stay teaching them few tricks for fun will be even easier. Let’s start with a common one: How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over. Advanced commands like shaking hands and […]

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How to Train Your Dog to Sit in 7 Easy Steps

Teaching your dog to sit sounds so basic. If you are really struggling with your dog, you might think it’s pointless and too basic. However, this simple sit command can be really valuable, even for the most unruly dog. Think about it. If you can get your dog to sit effectively, you can get him […]

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