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What Does Your Dog Really Think Of Your Kisses?

The sign of our love for family and friends is hugs and kisses. We hug our friends when we saw them and kiss our parents when we arrived from work. Us humans can easily feel that we are loved when they hug or kiss us. But how about our pet dogs? How will you know […]

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How To Crate Train A Dog At Night

How to Crate Train a Dog at Night

Before I share these tips on how to crate train a dog at night, there’s probably one question that’s on everyone’s mind. It’s a debate that isn’t going to be solved here, so I will just give you my two cents and you can post a comment if you disagree. Is crate training mean or […]

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10 Secrets To Entertain a Bored Dog While at Work

Keep Bored Dog Entertained

Feeling guilty about your bored dog while at work? Sure your job is boring, but you might not be as bored as your poor dog. Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise. Plus, one of the saddest things known in the universe is that look your dog gives you when […]

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How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks When is a dog too old to train? Is it ever too late to train a dog? Check out how to teach an old dog new tricks and find out how training an older dog obedience is still possible and rewarding.  Old dogs. New Tricks. They’re supposed […]

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How to Get Your Dog to Lay Down on Cue 

How to Train Your Dog to Lay Down on Cue

Teaching a dog to lay down on cue or command is probably one of the most useful tools that any dog owners should have in their arsenal. It does not only allow you to calm or settle your dog in any place, but it is also the first step in teaching other basic tricks such […]

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How To Potty Train An Older Dog

How to Potty Train an Older Dog

When it comes to potty training, there is very little difference training a pup and an older dog. The biggest challenge would be you— your patience. It is hard to accept that a dog that only had a few accidents in a week or only in a single location is not fully housebroken. And if […]

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Why Does My Dog Love To Cuddle?

Let me tell you some heartbreaking news. Dogs actually don’t like hugs from their favorite humans. Yes, this news is really hard to swallow and some dog owners even rejected this immediately, but if you think about it carefully you’ll realize that they do have a point. If you have seen a dog being hugged, you’ll […]

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Top 4 Reasons To Try Dog Agility Training With Your Pup

try dog agility training

The first time I heard about dog agility training I thought that’s definitely not for me. . . especially my dog. I had seen the shows flipping around on late night t.v., but I didn’t think it would ever be useful to my dog. Then I started doing some basic training with our dog and […]

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How to Stop Your Dog from Barking When You Leave the House

My dog barks when I leave the house. It’s a common problem, but its also frustrating. So lets take a look at how to stop your dog from barking when you leave the house. We’ve covered dog barking before, and we even have a free printable to help stop dog barking. But if your dog […]

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3 Secrets to Dealing with Resource Guarding by Your Dog

Resource guarding dog

What is resource guarding? Well, if you’ve ever heard someone say “You should not bother a dog while he is eating,” that would be an example. This is the most traditional advice which is based on the assumption that dogs guard or protect those things aka “resources” which they value and do not want to […]

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