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How to Make a Paracord Dog Leash

Are you thinking of customizing and making your own leash for your dog, want a unique dog leash or just want to create one to save money? Then here you’ll learn how to make your own dog leash so that

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5 Hacks on How to Stop Your Dog From Biting the Leash

Our four legged buddies, depending on a breed’s temperament naturally are outgoing animals. Sometimes when you take your dog out for a walk he gets too excited that it will chew and tug on its leash.

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How to Tell if Dog has Fleas

Does My Dog Have Fleas? 5 Quick Ways to Tell

I know how you love cuddling with your dog on a nice Sunday morning. But what happens when you think you see a tiny black thing crawling quickly under your pooch’s beautiful coat? Or worse, jumping on

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how to stop dog marking in house

How to Stop Your Dog From Marking in the House

We can all agree dogs are the best. But nothing is more frustrating that a dog that marks or pees in the house. To help with that, we have have 11 tips to help stop dog marking in the house. However charming

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dog stay out of garden

10 Surefire Ways to Keep Dogs Out of Your Garden or Flower Beds

Ahh, dogs. Man’s best friend? Your garden’s worst nightmare. While your dog is great at looking cute and giving cuddles, chances are he or she may have a passion for digging up your hard work in the

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dog won't go out in the rain

8 Tips to Help Your Dog That Won’t Go Out in the Rain

So your dog won’t go out in the rain. Whether it’s just for a walk or for them to go potty, some dog parents have to deal with dogs being uncooperative when heading out into the rain. If your

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dog gets into the trash

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Out of the Trash and Avoid Garbage Gut

It’s a messy affair when a dog gets into the trash. Messy not only literally, but also figuratively if it ends up putting our dogs at risk. My Trash Raiding Story Back when we started raising our

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dog stealing food

End Counter Surfing With These 5 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Stealing Your Food

Every dog parent has experienced that chill at some point, when we see our dog stealing food right off the table. It’s like we just turned our back for one second and now that prized steak is gone.

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7 Dog Anxiety Remedies To Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety

An anxious dog can cause worry to dog parents because the discomfort visibly manifests in their dogs. Because it’s pretty common for dogs to have anxiety for several reasons, the search for dog anxiety

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get your dog to stop barking at people

5 Tips to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking at People

One of the pressing problems that a lot of dog parents have is when their dogs bark at strangers. This can happen when they’re at home or even outside it, and it can be embarrassing and/or threatening.

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