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The Truth About CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

Have you heard about CBD oil for dogs and wondered if it is legit? Me too, so I decided to do a little digging. As someone who has dealt with separation anxiety and nervousness in dogs, sometimes training isn’t enough. I’m also not a big fan of medication for my dog or for my family in […]

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10 Things To Know Before Cooking Homemade Dog Food for your Dog

Dogs are sometimes as picky as humans when it comes to food they eat. When trying to feed a dog, what are your thoughts? What are you considering? Giving foods to your dog are very important. Just like people, dogs have also their own taste and likes. But there are many cases that whatever you […]

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Hacks to Cleaning a Dog Bed

Tips for Cleaning a Dog Bed

Dog beds can get a little stinky. Here are some hacks to cleaning a dog bed that will help keep it fresh for you and your pup. Dog lovers are always fight against the big three: dog hair, odor and stains. Dog beds are no different.  We’ve showed you how to get dog smell out […]

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This Is Why You Should Feed Your Dog Human Grade Dog Food

Human Grade Dog Food

It sounds a little confusing. . . Human-grade dog food. Or maybe it was just me. I was confused so I wanted to learn more. Turns out what I learned about dog food versus human grade dog food was one of the most important things I learned about taking care of my dog. Human-grade dog […]

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Top 10 Scrumptious Homemade Dog Food Recipes

10 Scrumptious Homemade Dog Food Recipes

All of us love homemade treats, and the same goes for our pets –our dogs, most especially. Guaranteed, they will not say no to their favorite treats, yet that does not mean they would already mind resisting in tasty dog delight every once in a while. After all, dogs love having treats. These make the […]

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10 Secret Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dog Odors And Stains

Having a dog at home is a blessing to have as they help brighten up our lives. Even if you get home stressed or tired, once you’ve been greeted with your excited pet, all your stress and exhaustion will miraculously disappear. Dogs may be a joy to have at home, but they’ll also add up […]

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AvoDerm Dog Food Switch Update

  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AvoDerm Natural pet foods for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine. About 90 days ago, we made a big switch in Delilah’s dog food. We changed her over from a popular premium food to AvoDerm Natural pet foods. You can read all […]

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Best Dog Allergy Medicine for Your Pup’s Itchy Skin

Best Allergy Remedies for Dogs

Did you know that dogs get seasonal allergies just like people? It’s true. Just as you may get sneezy and sniffley every year, the same things happen to dogs. If your pup suffers from seasonal allergies, check this out. We’ve done the research and have compiled our picks for the best dog allergy medicine. As […]

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Superfoods for Your Dog? AvoDerm Uses the Power of Avocados for Your Dog’s Health

superfoods for your dog

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AvoDerm Natural pet foods for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. When it comes to dog food, we don’t take switching lightly. Delilah just had her 10th(!) birthday last month and we have only switched foods twice during this fabulous decade. Like […]

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5 Best Organic Dog Treat Recipes

organic dog treat recipes

Having a pet gives you a whole lot of responsibilities. You need to give them shelter, clothing, and of course, food. There are commercial dog foods available everywhere which contains meat, fillers, and other junks. Like humans, your dog needs healthy foods to be feeling good inside and out. Switching to organic dog foods is […]

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