Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Superfoods for Dogs

It’s always good to be cautious before feeding your dog something new. Several foods that are healthy for humans are toxic for dogs. So can dogs eat carrots safely? The answer is yes! In fact, carrots are one of the superfoods for dogs.

Superfoods for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Carrots: Cooked or Raw?

You can feed your dog either cooked or raw carrots. Both are good for your dog, just in different ways. Dogs can’t absorb any of the nutritional value from a raw carrot. But a raw carrot can still be a good treat for your dog to chew on. Like any chew, the carrots act as a way to clean your dog’s teeth.

A raw carrot also has fiber which is good for your dog. The fiber can help if your dog is having problems with loose stools or regularity.

Once you cook a carrot, it unlocks all the nutritional value for your dog. Carrots are high in Vitamin A and beta carotene. These help with heart disease and your dog’s eyesight.

6 Best Superfoods for Dogs

Just like there are superfoods in the human diet, there are superfoods for dogs as well. Carrots are 1 of the 6 best superfoods for dogs. Check out this infographic on the 6 best superfoods for dogs:
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The great thing about these foods is that you might already have most of these around the house. Good nutrition is so important to all dogs, no matter if you have a puppy or an old dog. You can also use a supplement. Bottom line: If you have a healthy dog, you will both be happier.


We all want our dogs healthy so we watch the labels on the food we give to our dogs. It’s good to know that we can keep our dogs healthy with other foods as well. Hopefully, this information on carrots and other superfoods for dogs will help you find some other foods that are really good for your dog. As with everything though, use moderation. Too much of a good thing can still be bad.

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