Best Plastic Dog House You Didn’t Know You Wanted

best plastic dog house

Best Plastic Dog House:

Suncast DH250

I know. You’re thinking you don’t care about what the best plastic dog house is because you don’t want a plastic dog house.

You want the one you saw on Pinterest with the two levels, the cute little mailbox next to the door and the electric garage door opener. I hear ya.

Oh how I wish I could build an awesome dog house like I’ve seen on Pinterest. But just like my dog isn’t an obedience school valedictorian, I’m not exactly Bob Vila or Martha Stewart. I’d love to build one, but the reality is that it’s not going to happen.

The good news is that plastic dog houses are actually pretty awesome. If you need a good, affordable dog house, check out our pick for best plastic dog house, the Suncast DH250. Ultimately you will get more bang for your buck and you will end up with a more functional dog house.

What Should a Dog House Do for a Dog?

At the very least, a dog house is designed to provide cover for your dog. It should provide a shady spot for your pup to lounge in. This is especially important if you don’t have a lot of trees.

If you keep your dog outside for longer periods, it needs to keep out the rain and provide protection from the wind. It also provides your dog with a den. A place he can go to feel safe and secure.

What Should a Dog House Do for You

Since you probably won’t be hanging out in the dog house, you might have other priorities. For us, one of the main ones is ease of assembly. You don’t want to be pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to attach a decorative awning to your pup’s new digs. It is a dog house after all.

By the same measure, you don’t want an ugly blob sitting in your backyard or inside your house. You want it to be nice to look at and not an eyesore.

Finally, you want it to be durable. Nothing is worse than buying something that breaks too soon after shelling out your hard earned money.

Best Plastic Dog House – Suncast DH250

Based on all the above criteria, our pick for best plastic dog house is the Suncast DH250. Plastic doesn’t really do it justice. It’s made out of a resin that is durable and sturdy. It’s definitely not flimsy.

It’s also very easy to put together. It literally snaps together, making for a low stress installation process. The other good thing about plastic/resin is that you don’t have to worry about water damage.

It includes a vinyl door and has a crowned floor on the inside. It will work for dogs up to 70 lbs. it provides safe durable shelter for your dog.

The other bonus of this dog house is that you can use it inside too. If you have the space it can be a cool area for your dog to hang out. Finally, the price is much lower than what you will be for a wood house, especially if you try to build it yourself. (At least if your like me!)


Although they don’t have the wow factor of the dream houses you see online, the reality is that a plastic dog house is your best bet. It’s light, easy to assemble and care for and just as durable. You can check it out here at Amazon.

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