10 Best Guard Dogs to Keep Your Home Safe

best guard dogs for your home

10 Best Guard Dogs to Keep Your Family Safe

Living with a dog is one of the best things you can do to keep your house safe while you are away. While almost any dog of any size will serve some deterrent, some breeds definitely make the best guard dogs. Read on to find out more.

Your Furry Burglar Deterrent

The Department of Justice did a study on burglary and found that dog ownership is a substantial deterrent for criminals. In plain English that means criminals are more likely to skip houses with dogs.

You might be wondering how your little adorable FiFi could be a deterrent to anyone. The answer lies more with the bark than the bite. Research shows burglars prefer to break into houses where nobody is home. Most break ins happen during the day when people are at work or otherwise gone.

The study found that a dog’s presence is a close substitute for a human being home. Basically, bad guys want to get quietly into your house and get out without anyone seeing or noticing.

This is where your little dogs come in to play. Even if your dog is tiny, she will bark up a storm if someone were to break in. Although your dog may not be a physical threat to the intruder, she will be drawing attention to the burglar. That is something the criminal wants to avoid at all cost.

What Makes a Good Guard Dog

While some dogs draw attention without much physical threat, some dogs also make amazing guard dogs. Dogs and humans have a long history of living together and helping each other out. One of the oldest ways dogs have helped people is as protectors.

In fact many dogs, like the Doberman Pincher were specifically bred to be guard dogs. These dogs have a fearful bark and a wallop of a bite to back it up.

There are four good qualities to look for in a guard dog:

  • Intelligence: Intelligent dogs are easier to train and make amazing companions.
  • Intimidation: Some guard dogs can have such an intimidating presence they don’t even have to make a noise.
  • Obedience: It is absolutely critical that a guard dog be well trained and obedient.
  • Protective: Some breeds of dogs are naturally more protective than others.

10 Best Guard Dogs

This cool infographic from Protection1.com does a great job of highlighting the key traits of the 10 best guard dogs.

While they are ranked and rated, any one of these 10 dogs would make a superb guard dog. The right one for you depends on your circumstances and what fits you best.
The World’s Top Ten Guard Dogs Infographic
Image source: Protection1.com


These dogs are awesome, but remember, even the smallest dog can make a big difference when it comes to keeping burglars away. Also, don’t forget that any dog in your house needs basic training. Check out this free download of  Everyday Training Tips to get started or start fresh!

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