Best Dog Ramp for Cars and SUV’s

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Best Dog Ramp for Cars and SUV’s

Whether your pup is getting up there in years, or has just had some health issues, you might need to get a dog ramp. As our buddies get older, it can get hard for them to jump up into our vehicles. Since we have some experience with this, we thought we would share our pick for best dog ramp for cars and SUV’s.

Why Use a Dog Ramp?

Ramps are not just for older dogs. Some small dogs have trouble getting up into cars and SUVs. Other dogs may have hip or ACL issues that keep them from jumping up.

And don’t forget getting out of the car. Ramps make it easier and safer on your dog for getting out of the vehicle. Jumping from high places on to concrete can be hard on your dog. It can aggravate an injury or even cause a new one.Best dog ramp for SUV and Car

Best Dog Ramp for Cars and SUVs

There are few main design factors to consider with dog ramps. The weight of the ramp, how it collapses, and the size requirement of your dog are all important. We also considered the quality of design and construction and ease of use.

Ramps come in bifold models which fold in two, and trifold models that fold twice and end up being more compact. A third type is the telescoping ramp, that slides into itself.

Ramps range in weight from 10 pounds to over 30 pounds. Most can handle up to at least 200 pounds. Your preference may depend on how big your dog is and how heavy of a ramp you want to lug around. Ultimately, our pick combines the best aspects of the different types.

Solvit UltraLite Bifold Pet Ramp: Our Pick

Our pick for the best dog ramp for cars and SUV’s is the Solvit UltraLite Bifold Pet Ramp. While it’s not as large as some and not as compact as others, we recommended it because it has the right mix of function and ease of use.

As its name implies, it’s light, so it will be easy for you to put up and take down. It weighs around 10 pounds which makes it manageable for most.

It’s also sturdy. It will hold up to 150 lbs., which should do the trick. It’s made out of a rugged plastic so it’s pretty rough and tumble. When you are done using it, it folds in half and has a safety latch to keep it together.

It’s also reasonable when it comes to price and is the best value for your money. It comes with a 1 year warranty as well.


Getting a ramp is a great option to keep your dog safe and healthy. There are plenty of options out there, but the Solvit UltraLite has the best combination of price, features and benefits. Ultimately, it does was it’s supposed to do without complications.

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Solvit UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp, 62-Inch

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