Best Dog Bike Trailer

Best dog bike trailer

Good Doggies Picks: The Best Dog Bike Trailer

If you’ve tried to take your dog with you on a bike ride, you know it can be hard and even dangerous. Does that mean you have to leave your pup at home when you bike to the park? Heck no! You need a doggie trailer for your bike. After lots of research, our pick for the best dog bike trailer is the DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer.

Why Do You Need a Dog Trailer for Your Bike?

You might be thinking your dog needs to exercise, not to ride in some posh dog bed on wheels while you pedal away. You are right, you’re dog does need exercise. But sometimes it’s better to pedal to the park and let your doggie exercise there.

Also, dog bike trailers are great for older dogs or dogs that have been injured. Another cool thing is that most dogs just love getting out and going for a ride. Plus, it does make your bike ride more enjoyable when you are not worried about your dog running alongside on a leash.

The Best Dog Bike Trailer: Must Haves

No matter what you are using it for, you want your dog bike trailer to be safe for both you and your pup. You want something that is well constructed and durable. It needs to be easy to use and it needs to be comfortable for your dog. You don’t want your pooch freaking out the second you get it out! It should also be easy to clean and assemble.

Does that sound unreasonable? I don’t think so. As with any product, you just want something that does what it’s supposed to do and doesn’t give you a bunch of headaches. If it’s got some cool bonus features, that’s even better, but just get the basics right first.

We think the DoggyRide gets all the basics right and even some nice extras.Best dog bike trailer

DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

First the basics. The DoggyRide can carry a dog that is up to 55 lbs and up to 15″ shoulder width. It comes with an interior leash hook for safety and comes with a safety flag which is a nice bonus. It also comes with a rain flap and a sunroof so your doggy can stick his head out the top. The frame is lightweight and the whole thing weighs around 20 lbs.

The trailer is very well made in the kind of way that you notice when you compare it to others. It has a smoother ride and a smaller turning radius than other models which makes it easier to use.

It has a pouch on the rear door which is nice to have. If you take the wheels off, you can use it as a crate for your dog. There is also a kit that will convert it to a stroller.

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Overall, the DoggyRide is our pick for best dog bike trailer. It has all the basics, plus the nice little touches that set it apart from the rest of the pack. A dog trailer is really a lot of fun for you and your dog. You can go check it out at Amazon by clicking the link:
DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer, Spring Green/Grey

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