Best 5 DIY Dog Room Ideas on a Budget

A dog is more than just having a pet, they are an addition to our family. And like for the rest of the family members, we want to give the best things for them. Right from their food, to playtime, and as well as a space inside the house where they can call it as their own.

Having a dog room for your pet is like their own private enclave. It is also your designated place where you can provide their needs, clean, and pamper them. The unending loyalty and love of our dogs should deserve thanks in return.

5 Dog Room Ideas for Pet Owners on a Tight Budget

As a form of a heartfelt thanks for your beloved canines, providing them with a great but affordable doggy room could be great. Dogs don’t care if their owners provide them, with cheap or expensive things, all they would care about is the love and attention that you give for them.

Dogs may already know that he is appreciated if you have given him enough affection, but if you want them to feel more appreciated by giving them a good space in your house, then here are five personally crafted dog room ideas for those who are on a tight budget.

You can also check out videos for more dog room ideas.


1. Turn Your Closet Into A Dog Room

Rather than using your extra closet as a place where you can store your old things, why not just turn it into an awesome doggy room for your pet. As a tip, you can remove the door of the closet and then replace it with a small fence or gate. If the cabinet has shelves on it, you can use that as a place where you can put your pet’s things.

2. Under the Staircase

If you are into building stuff or have a great creativity, why not create a dog room under the staircase. Most two-story houses have a lot of space under their staircases, so why not make use of that space? Ask for some help with a family member or friend to build a good dog room. This could save you a lot of money and space in your house.

3. In the Kitchen

Most dog owners let their pets sleep in the kitchen or near the kitchen, if you have a lot of space in that specific part of your house, then why not turn it into a dog room? Personally crafting does save you a lot of money. You can either turn one of the kitchen cabinets below into your pet’s room, or you could create your own.

4. In the Wall

If your house doesn’t have a staircase, then why not use the walls instead? If you have a small space left in your home but want to make a room for your pet, you can create a hole in your house and turn it into cozy dog room. Grab your tools and start creating a small or big hole to make a room for your furry friend.

5. Free-Up Space

If you are not into a building or creating stuff, don’t have an extra closet, don’t have a staircase, or don’t have enough room in the wall, then you can just free up some space in some part of your house. It can either be your room, the living room, the kitchen, and in other places. Transform that one side of the room into your pet’s own room.

Few Tips for Making DIY Dog Room Decorations

Instead of constantly buying expensive decorations for your dog’s room, you can just be creative. Not really an artist? That’s okay, there are plenty of DIY decorations video tutorials available on websites.


Here are a few things that you can use when building or creating your own DIY doggy room decorations, aside from saving money, you can even enhance your creativity when you try making stuff.


1. Crates

You can use old crates for making room decorations for your dog’s room, you can make a bowl holder, a bed, small stairs, a dog house, miniature cabinets, and more.

2. Old Logs

You can even build stuff by using old logs that you’ve recently picked up from a nearby neighborhood forest. Just grab your saw, hammer, nails, and other necessary things for building different kinds of things.

3. Paints

And since you are planning to make DIY decorations for your pet, you’ll probably need different colored paints. You can use these colorful liquids when creating a few on the wall decorations

Aside from this stuff, you can also use simple crafting materials like papers, yarns, cardboards, old plywood, and more. Try yours in bringing out the creative side of you.


And that’s it! Instead of having your house renovated for an extra room for your pet, you can just improvise instead. You can even do this on your own without even asking for the service of a company. You can save more if you try implementing these ideas for your pet’s room.

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