Are Goldendoodles Good With Kids?

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If you browse on the list of the best family dogs, you will definitely come across the name Goldendoodle. This is not a surprise as they possess numerous characteristics that every pet lover finds attractive. Generally, they are friendly, extremely social, intelligent and of course, very cute. In fact, their popularity of being a great family dog is spreading widely.

Many families who have a Goldendoodle express their agreement that you will never go wrong with bringing one in your homes. But one of the worries people have is whether it this dog breed is also ideal if you have children at home. So now, the question is,“Are Goldendoodles good with kids?” We are going to answer this question and we are also going to give you more reasons to love Goldendoodles.

The Temperament of Goldendoodle

One of the pet parents’ concerns before bringing home a dog is their behavior. As different dog breeds have varied ancestors, their nature, traits and temperament also vary. So now, let’s get to know more about Goldendoodles.

1. Goldendoodles make friends with everyone.

As a highly sociable animal, it is not difficult to get along with a Goldendoodle easily. As a matter of fact, they see everyone as friends, including strangers and other animals like cats. They greet almost everyone, and it gives them pleasure to be around people or other animals. And for them, spending time with their pet parents is priceless.

But because of this trait, it wouldn’t be good for them to be left alone for a long time. Being alone gives them stress and anxiety. And this can turn out to developing a bad behavior. To avoid this, make sure to always keep your Goldendoodle a company.

2. Goldendoodle like to please people.

Their being friendly is associated with their desire to please the people around them especially their “family”. They are known as “people-pleaser”and this is what gives them happiness the most. Their energy and bright atmosphere is known to uplift people’s feelings. And they make sure to be by your side share their positive vibe with you in case you need it.

3. They love you unconditionally.

One of the best things about Goldendoodle is their unconditional love. You can always feel it with the way they try to make you happy and feel loved. Most of the time, they think about you more than you think of yourself. And although they are not meant as guard dogs, they will try their best to keep you away from troubles.

4. It is not common for them to be aggressive.

Being aggressive is the last thing a Goldendoodle would be. You may see them barking, nipping, jumping on you, or chewing things around only when they feel anxious or stressed. If you want to avoid this, make sure you provide them with what they need the most, your affection. It is also necessary for you to give them a training. Jumping on you or nipping might be a cute behavior for a puppy, but not for a full grown dog. Train them as early as possible to prevent them from developing a bad habit.

5. They are very smart.

If you are thinking of bringing home a Goldendoodle for your kids, you won’t have to worry about training them. Even without the help of a professional, it is possible to train a puppy basic things. You can also train them early so they can avoid unwanted behavior like barking excessively, chewing things, or jumping on you and your kids.

Reasons why Goldendoodles are Good with Kids

Going back to the question, “Are Goldendoodles good with kids?”, I think you already know that the answer is “Yes”. In fact, this dog breed has been used as therapy dog for children in some countries, and they have been very effective in doing this job. Other than that, there are various reasons why Goldendoodles are not only good, but the best with kids.

1. They have a loving temperament.

Generally, Goldendoodles are loving animals, especially with kids. They are very affectionate as well. Actually, studies show that Goldendoodle are the most affectionate dogs. If they care and love you that much, they can show more of that to children.

2. They are very patient.

It is easy for them to tolerate the behaviors of kids and can bear with them more than we can. So there is no need for you to worry about your dog being aggressive with your kids behavior. But then, training might be needed in some cases. It is also important that you teach your kids the proper way of approaching them.

3. They are playful.

As naturally energetic and athletic dogs, they can surely enjoy playing with your kids. They also love spending time outside playing. No matter that is running around, playing circles, jumping or more, they can get on with it.

4. They are emotionally sensitive.

Goldendoodles are quite keen about how you feel. They can pick up your emotions and understand them easily. They also have their own way of reacting to it, which is to try to make you feel better. Because of this, they are often used as therapy dogs.

5. They are kind-hearted and careful around children.

Their sensitivity especially works around children. And so, they become cautious with their behaviors and they understand the kids’ actions wholeheartedly. It is unusual for them to show bad behaviors around children.

6. They are very cuddly.

Goldendoodle always thrives for human affection and of course, cuddles. As most kids love to cuddle as well, they will surely enjoy their cuddles anytime.

7. They are hypo-allergic.

Most Goldendoodles don’t shed much, a trait which they got from one of their breed parents. So we can say that it is safe for children to be around them, because children are unlikely to develop allergic reaction due to their fur. It also makes their maintenance easy.

8. They are very loyal.

Whatever happens, they will not leave you alone. You can always entrust your kids to play with them. They will definitely follow your kids around and never leave their side.

9. They don’t possess any threat.

This is true to adults, and kids alike. They see everyone as friend, and they care more about pleasing people rather than harming them. You can be sure that they are not a threat to your kids.


Goldendoodles are truly great family dogs. At the same time, they are an ideal companion for children. But as with other dog breed, a good orientation and training is needed to develop pleasing behaviors among your pets. And although your kids are safe with them, it is still best to keep an eye on both of them from time to time.

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