8 Real Dog Shedding Remedies That Will Make Your Life Less Hairy

dog shedding remedies

You can easily spot a dog parent even without their dog. Just look for the dog hair on their clothes! While dog shedding is a completely normal thing, it can get out of control quick. That’s when you can use these 8 dog shedding remedies to push back against the mountain of hair.

 Some dog breeds shed more than others, and there are those that don’t shed much. But if you’ve noticed your dog shedding a bit more than usual, then it’s probably the weather, hormones, or any of the other factors that could affect shedding.  

If your dog is a shedder (like mine are), then you’ve probably realized why couches are called FURniture. Like I said, fur gets everywhere and there comes a time when you just don’t mind if a stray strand (or more) finds its way onto your clothes and other possessions.

Kidding aside, there are times when your dog’s shedding becomes a problem. For one, when it becomes too much that your dog starts looking like a plucked chicken.

So today we are going to look at three major types of dog shedding remedies as well as some specific ones to help solve your dog’s shedding problem.

Target Nutrition

1. Invest In Good Quality Food

One of the primary things that can affect the amount of shedding your dog has is diet. In order to reduce shedding, you need to start feeding your dog some high-quality diet.

Low-quality dog foods are teeming with fillers, which dogs can find difficulty digesting. The lack of proper nutrition can contribute to the excessive amount of fur you’ve found flying around in your house.

A quality diet means you have to feed your dog some quality food. Good quality food is that which has meat as a primary ingredient, apart from the supplementary vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that is necessary for your dog’s needs.

Remember that there are dog foods that cater to different dog breeds and sizes, for instance, here are some of the best dog foods for small dogs. Need tips on how to pick the best dry dog food for your pet? We got your back.

2. Try Olive or Flaxseed Oil

Other dog shedding remedies that target nutrition include the addition of some supplements to your dog’s diet to keep their coat healthy. The healthier a dog’s coat is, the less likely it is to fall out prematurely or excessively.

One such supplement is olive or flaxseed oils, which do wonders for a dog’s skin and coat. For each day, add one teaspoon of olive or flaxseed oil per 10lbs body weight to your dog’s food to provide them with some much needed Omega-3 fatty acids in their diet.


Omega-3 fatty acids can also be found in salmon, tuna, and other healthy fishes. You can also incorporate these into your dog’s diet for a more natural source of fatty acids.

3. Add Molasses To Your Dog’s Diet

Another supplement that you can give your dog to reduce shedding is molasses. This is a bit tastier than olive or flaxseed oil, so if your dog is a picky eater then you can opt for this instead. Add one teaspoon of molasses per 10lbs of body weight daily.

Take note that apart from natural supplements given at the recommended doses, you shouldn’t give your dog vitamin supplements unless recommended by your vet. Giving your dog too much unprescribed vitamins can affect their health for the worse.

Maintain Hydration

4. Give Your Dog Plenty of Water

Another thing that you should take into consideration is your dog’s hydration. Dry skin can cause shedding too, you know.

Some dog shedding remedies thus require you to keep your dog hydrated. You can do that by providing your dog access to fresh clean water all throughout the day, so that they never go thirsty and can drink water whenever they want.

5. Try Some Moisture-Rich Treats

Another possible method of hydration is giving your dog some moisture rich food and treats. Low amounts of moisture-rich human snacks can also be given, provided that you don’t feed your dog too much.

Moisture-rich snacks include apple slices (with no seeds, which are toxic to dogs), bananas, cucumbers, and more. Remember to steer clear from toxic foods like chocolate, raw meat, grapes, avocado, and more.

home remedies to stop dog shedding

Proper Grooming

6. Brush Your Dog’s Coat

You may think that grooming through brushing only encourages more fur to fall off from your dog’s coat, but the removal of those excess and loose fur actually keep your dog’s coat healthier in the long run.

When excess and loose fur is removed from your dog’s body, their natural oils get distributed to the coat, which helps it stay moisturized, healthy, and more importantly, in place.

Depending on your dog’s type of coat, there are different kinds of grooming brushes that can aid you in removing the loose fur. If you dog has short hair and a smooth coat, then a bristle brush (which looks very much like a human’s bristle brush) is needed.

If your dog’s coat is curly and/or medium length, then you need a slicker brush to get better coverage through your dog’s thicker coat and curls. For dogs that have long hair and thick undercoats, rakes are the type of brush that work best to groom them.

Like I mentioned before, the weather and seasons play a large role in the shedding of your dog. The best time to provide thorough grooming is between winter and spring, as well as between fall and winter. Those are the times when your dog is likely to shed and grow more fur, respectively.

7. Don’t Forget Baths

Don’t forget to bathe your dog regularly. If you’re unsure about how often you should bathe your dog, check out our guide on that. Blow drying post-bath can also help remove loose fur from your dog’s coat, provided that you towel dry them first.

If it helps, you can also brush your dog’s coat right after bathing to help get rid of the fur that may have gotten loose during the bathing and drying process.

8. Treat Causes Of Itchy Skin

If your dog has a flea infestation or an allergy that causes them to itch, then the scratching may be causing the loose fur. Treat any infestation or allergy the moment you see the symptoms, and your dog may lose less fur. Don’t forget to use the guidelines to proper grooming along with the treatment, and the loose fur and dry skin can both be addressed in the process.  

If you’re looking to help reduce the itchiness and consequently, the scratching, you can also look into giving your dog an oatmeal bath.


These three kinds of dog shedding remedies: targeting nutrition, maintaining hydration, and proper grooming all work best in conjunction with each other.

Here’s a video to sum up:

These remedies are all proven and tested, but if your dog is still shedding too much even after trying these, then you should consider a more serious health-related cause for the shedding. For instance, if your dog has allergies, then you should treat the allergies before the shedding itself.

Now, excuse us as we go brush off some fur off the couch…and the dogs.

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dog shedding remedies

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