8 Best Ways to Remove Dog Hair from Carpet

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Shedding of hair is normal for canine pets, on which happens twice a year.All we can do is to deal with it. As the dog’s lovely spot is on a carpet, most housekeepers are in trouble in getting dog hairs out of it.Are there ways to remove dog hair from carpets? We are happy to share with you our eight secrets in dealing with such a problem.

How to remove dog hair from carpet?

Pet hair vacuum could be the very first thing that enters your mind in dealing with dog hair. Some dog keepers cannot afford to buy a pet hair vacuum though. There are several cleaning dilemmas for pet hair accessible in your home, without paying extra money. It includes:

1. Rubber Gloves

Picking dog hair with bare hands could be so hard and time-consuming. Grab a heavy-kind rubber glove and not just latex gloves to use for cleaning.It must have a textured surface with small bumps to pull dog hairs out of the carpet at ease.It can reach dog hair in the corners of a carpet effortlessly.

Simply rub the gloves on the carpet and hair will come up in time. Afterward, immerse the gloves in the water and wait for the hairs to float. Collect the fur and throw it into the bin.

2. Baking Soda

This method requires the use of a vacuum cleaner.Get some amount of baking soda in the kitchen and then sprinkle into the carpet. Let the baking soda sit on the surface for some time. Vacuum clean the carpet surface full of dog hair. That is how it works!

Baking soda is not only a helpful tool in removing pet hair but also a great deodorizer in rooms. It helps to remove the bad odor caused by home pets.

3. Hairbrushes

A hairbrush is normally used in grooming dogs. This time, it will work for cleaning shed hair on the carpet. It should have stiff metal bristles not to break easily.You will just comb the carpet with short and quick strokes to avoid damaging its fabric. Make sure to get throughout the carpet for better results.

Avoid using a hairbrush with sharp bristles. It is really not a good thing.

4. Rubber Squeegees

Different sizes of squeegees are available in the market at an affordable price. They are commonly used in cleaning the vehicle’s interior but can also work well in removing pet hair on the carpet.Squeegees are reusable for several cleaning times.

It shall collect pet hair with just short strokes over the carpet. Gather the hair in the center of the carpet to easily vacuum later on.

Look for squeegees with a broomstick-type handle to benefit from cleaning a larger carpet full of pet hair. Its rubber blade is responsible for wiping your four-legged friend’s fur. You can use it to clean car windows afterward.

5. Duct Tape

Pet hair can be easily picked off using a sticky object, like duct tape. You may use packing tape, whichever is available.Its adhesive part will pick up those pet hair stuck on a carpet.

Wrap the duct tape around your hands by showing off its adhesive side. Packing tape is more advisable due to its lighter touch that won’t leave any hair residue, as some users claimed.

Press your hand wrapped with tape onto the carpet with pet hairs and then lift to see results. Replace the tape as long as needed to make it work effectively.

6. Balloon

Carpet cleaning can go with your child’s balloon. Incredible!

An inflated balloon has static electricity that could attract pet hair, amazingly. A balloon best works against loose pet hair but not to embedded strands of hair.

Start inflating the balloon of any kind and rub it into the surface of the carpet to collect some pet hair. Wipe clean the balloon to collect the fur and then repeat until pet hairs are gone.

Do not give back the balloon to your child, just buy him another one.

7. Wire Brush

Some pet hairs might be too hard for the regular hairbrush to remove. A wire brush is intended to get rid of stubborn hair strands. You can get one online at an affordable cost.

This tool is used to end the cleaning process by removing any remaining pet hair on carpets. It ensures a cleaner carpet after using one of the tools above.A great addition to your house care tools indeed.

8. Dryer Sheets

Perhaps you are bringing a dog in a car that suddenly leaves some fur on the car’s carpet. Dryer sheets could be the best way to take away those pet hairs. Unused ones are the most effective in cleaning such hair mess.

There is no need for other tools or solutions, except for the dryer sheets. Run the sheet over the carpet to pick up pet hair.You must need more pieces of dryer sheets.

3 Tips to Prevent Shedding of Dog Hair 

It is impossible to completely stop pet hair from ruining the carpets, as considering dog’s home buddy nature. Cleaning away dog hair could be tiring, in all honesty. It just needs to be lessened to minimize the time of cleaning as a result.

Here are tips to lessen the amount of hair you need to clean every now and then:

Tip 1. A Good Hair Brush

Give your pet dog a good hairbrush after taking a bath. It will remove loose hair instantly before the pet goes to the carpet.Better vacuum cleans the dog for better grooming.

Tip 2. Pet Seat Cover

Pet seat cover is available in pet stores. Instead of the carpet would catch all the loose pet hair,the seat cover will do its job.It is washable for several uses.

Tip 3. Enclosure

It is in the law to keep dogs in an enclosure for everyone’s safety. Purchase a crate that will keep the pet secure and active. This will prevent the spreading of hair on other parts of the house, like carpets.

Final Words

To sum it all,dogs have no fault in leaving their hair on the carpet. As a dog keeper, you just have to think of solutions to clean up the mess.

The eight tools above might help you out in getting rid of pet hair in a short time.If you notice too much hair loss takes place over your pet,consult an expert.Keep in mind those tips that prevent shedding of dog hair to resolve the problem upfront.

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