7 Ways Your Dog Shows Affection

How can you tell if a dog is showing affection to you? Dogs may not explain how they love their owners by words, but their actions speak it louder than words. It is not surprising to know that dogs are warm creatures, as well. They are, in nature, a very loving and loyal friend that we can always depend on. So, it is very much possible to receive care from doggies.

It may be unfair to our pets not to feel how much we value their affection to us. They deserve to get a reward, so pay attention to what your pets are doing. With that, I cannot wait to share with you the seven ways your dog shows affection without being aware of it. So, here it goes!

Seven Ways Dogs Tell Its Affection

Consider the actions below in finding whether your dog is showing love and care or just being playful. Those two things are different that only fur parents know.

I assure you will understand your pet more at the end of this post. Come and check it all out!

1. Jumping

My dog always jumps whenever I get home. At first, I thought it was just a bad habit developed by my pooch. It did not pass in my mind that he is showing its care, especially when I am away from home the whole day. Jumping must be a sign of excitement; it can never express through words. It wanted to get closer to look at your eyes until it starts a welcoming lick on your face.

2. Licking

This sign might sometimes be grossed depending on the situation. Who cares? If you are a dog lover, the licking habit of dogs is not a nasty thing. Most dog owners allow their pets to lick on their face no matter what. It is also a sign of giving authority to their owners as it lowers down their social status. The more dogs lick on you, the more it likes you. They may become so wild in licking in which reminds us to be more careful.

3. Yawning

Study shows contagious yawning between persons can happen between human and animals too. This sign is proper while having a tiring day with a dog. Whenever the dog owner yawns, there is a high chance of the dog copying its owner. When he did, it is a good sign your dog cares about you.

4. Tail wagging

Tail wagging has different meanings. It could be a friendly gesture or not, but most of the time, it is more on the prior. Observe. If the dog wags its tail to the right of its body, it is a good sign your pet loves you. These are called the happy wags or a full-body wag. Tail wagging is different depending on the person ahead of the dog. It becomes stronger when in front of its owner because of the excitement the dog feels. There will be an awkward tail wag when the dog sees new faces.

5. Eye Contact

Dogs look at you with love, like a mother looking at her newborn child. Eye contact releases the so-called hormone oxytocin, which has to tell about a high degree of attachment. There is a difference between affectionate and threatening eye contact. Be aware of it. Do not dare to have an eye-contact with unfamiliar dogs, for it might trigger them to bite you. Hold eye contact with your pet over time.

6. Sleeping beside the fur parent

Make sure that your dog is well-groomed, so whenever he wanted to sleep beside you, it will not be alarming. Dogs love to cuddle with their fur parent even while sleeping. This gesture is so sweet and caring because, until the last hours of the day, it never leaves your side. Dogs do sleep with their owners because they consider humans as family. What loving creature dogs are.

7. Leaning

Leaning is a form of a full hug from dogs. That is so adorable! Dogs may lean on your legs while you sit on a couch. Perhaps the doggy feels anxious and feels safe whenever he/she leans on you. It thinks of its owner’s ability to take care of him/her in a particular scenario. Moreover, the dog still stays on your side even when it feels scared. The pet is showing affection as well as wants to feel the warmth. It is a two-way process.


Dogs are not as vocal as compared to people, but they illustrate love in so many ways. Those seven ways of our dogs in showing affection must be noticed from time to time. Do not ignore each sign to avoid hurting your pet’s feelings. They always wanted to make you feel loved when you feel so unloved. Dogs can give you the care you have ever been searching for.

There are countless good things about dogs I want to speak out. If you’re going to talk more about a pup, leave a comment below. I am more than willing to tell extra and beyond how dogs show affection. Thank you for sending the queries and wait for a quick response.

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  1. Excellent post. We are fur parents and treat our dogs as our children. Our dogs show love in all the ways you spoke of. I do have a question that you may be able to help with. My Shepard mix does not like or is somehow threatened by my 15 year old autistic grandson. He snarls at him and is very nasty growl when he gets too close to me. My grandson is a rambunctious kid and I know my dog is over protective. Do you think there is a way to calm the dog so my grandson can be near me

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