7 Signs You Might Be A Dog Mom

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Dogs are the best, am I right?  I mean they are always so happy to see you and there is no way to be around a dog without smiling.  Walking out in public at a park or a store and seeing a dog reminds me of just how much I love them.  I can’t even walk past one without commenting on their cute leash or saying hello. Being a dog person is really the best.   My dog is like my child.

Yep, that’s right I’m a dog mom.  My dog is pampered and loved.  He gets treats, gifts, and lots of belly rubs when I come home.  But what is is the actual definition of a dog mom?  What does it mean to be a dog mom and how do you become one?  If you are asking this question then it is safe to say that you probably are, in fact, a dog mom.  

Being a dog mom is sometimes looked at in a negative way.  Like only women who don’t have human children could possibly consider themselves a dog parent.  Implying that once you have children your dog gets pushed to the background.  In some cases that may actually be true but that isn’t always the case.  There is nothing saying that you can’t be a human parent and a pet parent at the same time. 

Definition of a Dog Mom

Did you know that there is an actual definition of “dog mom?” In fact, there are several definitions but only one that applies to what we are talking about.  Now, this isn’t a definition according to our good friend Webster but it comes from the Urban Dictionary as the second top definition. 

According to the Urban dictionary, a dog mom is a “reference to a woman who has a dog and treats her furry baby as if it were a human child.”  Also according to this dictionary, it can be used with online dating as a way to signal a woman’s intention to never have a child but as we said above, that isn’t always the case.

I actually know many dog moms that are also human moms and they do a great job at both.  Basically, being a dog mom means that you treat your dog like a legitimate member of the family that is loved and cared for as well as human children. 

How to Be a Dog Mom

Now that I told you an actual definition of what a dog mom is the best part is here.  Some people may not realize that they actually are a dog mom and that is okay.  On the other hand someone may not know how to be a dog mom but really wants to be one.  Becoming a dog mom isn’t hard to do but there are some telltale signs when women are successful at being a mom to their dog. 

I have put together a list of what I consider the top ways to tell you are a dog mom or to become a dog mom. If you do any of these things already then you are well on your way to becoming the best dog mom on your block.  But if you do all of these things then you could probably start giving lessons to other prospective dog moms. 

1. Post Pictures on Social Media

Social media shows the world what you want them to see.  But really what you post is a window to what is important in your life.  If you are one of those people that post pictures of your food then we know you like food.  If you post a ton of pictures of your human kids then we know you are gunning for the mom of the year.  

Take the time to look through your social media posts to see what you post the most.  If you look at your past posts and find that you have posted more pictures of your dog than you have of yourself or really anything or anyone else, then you are probably a dog mom.  Or at the very least, almost a dog mom. 

2. Talk to Your Dog Like a Person

How you talk to your dog is pretty important if you want to be considered a dog mom.  According to the definition, you are supposed to treat your dog like a human child and that means talking to your dog in a respectful and humane way.  It is very common among dog moms to talk to their dogs like tiny, furry, adult humans with the occasional hint of baby talk. 

Dog moms, by definition, treat their dogs like a tiny human so talking to them like they are a person is no surprise.  I, myself, have been known to have a full-fledged conversation with my dog from time to time. 

3. Prefer to Spend Time With Your Dog Over People

If you shudder at the idea of going out with actual people and leaving your dog at home then it is almost certain that you can carry the title of a dog mom. Dog people are, in general, more extroverted people but that is not always the case.  I am a solid introvert and would rather be home with my dog cuddled next to me while I read a book than go out with people, basically anywhere. 

You may also prefer to have social gatherings at your house instead of going anywhere so you don’t have to leave your dog.  But even that is a stretch. 

4. Buy Your Dog Gifts…A lot of Them

If you are a gift-giver by nature then it is pretty likely that you enjoy bestowing gifts on people that are close to you in your life. Chances are, you also buy your dog gifts. You know their birthday and spoil them and lets not even talk about Christmas.  But you don’t need a special occasion to buy something for your fur baby.  

Treats, toys, clothes, and the best bed will all show up at your house to the delight of your dog child. I love this and am guilty as charged.  It is not unusual for me to come home with something special for my dog.  I think my human kids actually get jealous sometimes. 

5. Plan Your Schedule Around Your Dog


Dog moms are known for scheduling everything around their dogs.  If something else will interfere with a walk, dog park trip, vet visit, or grooming appointment they probably won’t go. Dog moms also consider how long their dog can be left at home alone before they make any plans and rarely take overnight trips if their fur baby isn’t welcome to join. 

Dogs really need us to take care of them and there is nothing wrong with making sure their needs are met and time is spent with them before making plans.  I don’t like leaving my dog in a crate for more than an hour or so at a time so if I can’t trust him to be out in the house, then my plans will change to only last an hour or I make plans to take him with me.  

6. Take Your Dog Everywhere You Can

Is a vacation really a vacation with your dog?  I don’t think it is.  I also don’t think a park trip or a grocery store visit is the same without a dog.  Taking your dog everywhere is just what dog moms do.  Nowhere is off-limits when it comes to my dog going along.  I have yet to be kicked out of a store or off of a restaurant patio because I have my dog.

The key is to be very confident in your decision to take your dog. Act like your dog belongs there and, as long as your dog is well behaved, no one will notice and likely won’t say anything about it. 

7. Dog Hair Doesn’t Bother You

If you are a person that can’t stand having dog hair on your couch, your floors, your car, or your clothes then there is no way that you are a dog mom.  Seriously, I don’t think dog moms even realize that there is dog hair around.  I am a serious pug fan and have had several in my life.  They are prolific shedders.  So much hair falls off of their bodies that you could actually make a new pug out of the hair you sweep up.  

That never mattered to me and I honestly never noticed.  Everyone else did.  I can’t count the number of lint rollers that were gifted to me over the years.  But I was completely oblivious because dog hair doesn’t bother me.  That is a true dog mom.  It is like a human mom not being bothered when dirty hands or snotty noses.  It is just something that comes with the territory and dog moms couldn’t be happier to wade through the hair.