7 Signs a Dog is Pregnant

Do you think there might be some cute, adorable puppies in your future? If so, you might be wondering how you know when your dog is pregnant. Let’s take a closer look.

While the best thing to do is take your dog to the vet if you think she is pregnant, here are 7 sign a dog is pregnant that will help you determine if you should make that call.

Decreased activity.

If your dog hasn’t been as energetic as she usually is, maybe napping more than usual or becoming easily exhausted, this could be a sign of pregnancy. Dog pregnancies are a lot like human ones, and you wouldn’t want to be running around with a baby in your stomach, they don’t want to either.

I’m not saying this is the only reason why they could be tired, but it’s one of the common signs that a dog is pregnant if they are still decently young and active usually. If they are older, not usually active, then you can skip this one.

Behavioral changes.

If your dog seems to cling to your side a lot more than she usually would, wanting more attention more consistently, this could be a sign of pregnancy. Or maybe even the complete opposite.

If your dog has pushed you away from more often lately, wanting to isolate herself in a spot, not craving attention, this could also be a sign of pregnancy.

Again, this sign means that anything could be going on with your dog but it’s also a common pregnancy sign.

Changes in what she wants to eat.

If your dog has a specific diet that she has eaten her whole life and suddenly she doesn’t want it anymore, refusing to eat it at all, or eating more than she usually would.

This is an extremely common pregnancy sign. When you are pregnant, you have cravings, certain foods make you sick, and you will eat a lot more than you would daily.

This same thing applies to your dog. If her appetite has changed dramatically, this could be a sign that she is pregnant. Make sure if she is refusing to eat what you are giving her, to change up the food with something else and always give her more if she isn’t full.

Enlarged nipples.

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if your dog is pregnant. The nipples will either be larger than usual or discolored, getting ready to feed a small litter of puppies. If your dog has either of these, then chances are you are about to have a bunch of little pups running around.

Weight gain, another easy way to know if your dog is pregnant. Especially if you haven’t been feeding her anything different or any more than you usually would. And if you have a daily walking routine that you always follow. If your dog starts to gain weight, that could be a sign that she’s pregnant.

Another sign could be abdomen enlargement.

This is more specific than weight gain. With weight gain, you are looking at the dog overall, but with the abdomen, it is specifically her stomach. If it starts to get bigger, your dog is pregnant.

Lastly, if your dog starts nesting.

This is a common sign, too. Your dog will start to take blankets and other bedding items and pile them into a certain, probably hidden, part of your house. If she does this, she’s pregnant.

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