7 Adorable Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

non shedding small dogs

Dog hair. It’s a deal breaker for many prospective dog lovers. But before you give up, check out this list of 7 adorable small dogs that don’t shed.

Dog Hair, Do Care!

We all love dogs. We just don’t all love dog hair.

Shedding can be a big downer for many pup parents. There’s nothing quite like showing up for work in your dark pants only to realize you are covered in fur.

Not to mention the balls of dog hair that accumulate all over your house, in your car and on the furniture.

To get the lowdown on shedless dogs, we consulted with our local groomer Gloria to give us some advice. We figured that if there’s an expert on dog hair, it would be a dog groomer.

Without further ado, take it away Gloria!

Dogs That Don’t Shed: A Groomers Take

Thanks Mo!

Shopping for a new pet is tough choice. You have many choices to choose from but it is up to you on what kind of dog that will fit for you. If you are like most people you want a dog that is cute and not shed all over your furniture.

There are still plenty of dogs to choose from that will not make you feel like you have to clean your house 24/7 because all of the loose hair.

These dogs are cute and lovable and are big and small depending on preference. As a dog groomer I have had the chance to groom all different kinds of dogs, shedding labs to no shed poodles.

7 Adorable Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

There are more than 7 breeds that don’t shed, but I’ve narrowed the list down to some of the most common. Let me go into depth on each no shed dog and give you a brief explanation of their personality as well.

1. Poodles

This breed has three different sizes. On the small side there is teacup and miniature. Standard poodles are bigger, depending on how big of a dog your looking for. They also have different color coats from white, cream, black, and party color(different spots of color). It has super curly coat are known to be the most hypoallergenic friendly. They are smart, family friendly and a little bit outgoing. They like to be a part of anything and everything that you do.


2. Yorkshire terrier

This breed comes mainly in one small compact size. They may be small but they have a huge personality and will win you over with their willingness to please. They are also extremely friendly with everyone they meet, they love attention and they are easy trainable.

Yorkshire terrier

3. Shih Tzu

This breed comes in a small size but has a huge personality and will protect you from every leaf and squirrel that is to close. They are easy to train
as well. There coat can be found in different colors spots some are white and black spotted and some are white with brown spots.

Shih Tzu


4. Lhasa Apso

This breed is generally a small size, they can be a bit on the lazy side, and they can be trained when you got good snacks. They will go and do anything you like to do but their favorite thing to do is sit next to you and snuggle. Their coat much like the Shih Tzu can be different, some are all one color and some have different spotted colors.

Lhasa Apso

5. Schnauzer

This breed has two sizes, it has a small miniature and a standard tall size. This breed is very outgoing and easy to train; they also love walks and
playing catch. They love being a part of the family and they will make sure no squirrel or car will get you when they are by your side. Their coat comes in
different colors they can be white, cream, black and the traditional silver.


6. Scottish terrier

This breed is small but as their name they have a huge Scottish personality. They are very lovable, easy trainable and huge personality with a
load opinion. Their coat color is usually seen in the traditional black. There is blonde but it is really rare, you do not see it often.

Scottish terrier

7. West highland terrier

Much like the Scottish terrier with a different body. They have the same bursting and outgoing personality. Their coat color can be blonde,
black or brindle. They are easy to train because they aim to please.

West highland terrier

More Shed Free Dogs

Like I mentioned before, there are more breeds that don’t shed. If you would like to see more check out this video:

You can also learn more at the AKC website or check out this list of 23 hypoallergenic breeds.


If you can’t stand the idea of dog hair but would love a dog, hopefully you found one in our list of 7 small dogs that don’t shed.

If you already have one of these dogs, let us know what you think. Drop a comment below, we always love to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “7 Adorable Small Dogs That Don’t Shed”

  1. I just read your article, but have to correct you on your statement about the White Westies. Here is what you stated;

    7. West highland terrier
    Much like the Scottish terrier with a different body. They have the same bursting and outgoing personality. Their coat color can be blonde,
    black or brindle. They are easy to train because they aim to please.

    Well your error is that they are called White West Highlsnd Terriers for a reason, their coat color is only pure white. Any other coat color is considered to be called a Cairn Terrier. At one point in time the White Westies were called Cairn Terriers. But not the other way around. Cairn Terriers are never called White Westies. If you googke either The White West Highlands or the Cairns, you’ll get a better explanation, than I can provide for here in this comment section.

  2. Just a personal add….schnauzers aren’t good choice with kids generally. They’re over protective of their parents and are very “nippy”. They love cuddling but have to steal all attention at all costs…mostly to little kids and visitors fingers and faces.

  3. Miniature schnauzers are great family pets! We’ve had them for many generations in our family. Never ever had a problem with any aggression. Wonderful companions, no shedding, cuddly, intelligent and the list goes on!

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