7 Fun Things You Can Do With a Furbo Dog Camera


Leaving your dog home alone can be a real bummer for you and your dog. The Furbo Dog Camera tries to make life a little better (and less lonely) for us dog lovers and our pups.

We’ve talked before about how important mental stimulation is for dogs. They need physical exercise and brain exercise to stay healthy and happy. This can be a challenge when you have to go to work everyday. After all, you gotta work to pay for the dog food. It’s no wonder that some dogs suffer from separation anxiety.

You leave for work in the morning and you get “The Look.” Then at work you feel guilty and you wonder what your dog is doing right now.

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Thank you science. Thank you Furbo.

What is the Furbo Dog Camera?

The Furbo dog camera is the new way for owners to keep tabs on their canine friend from just about anywhere. it’s a camera that allows you to check in on your dog and also dispense treats while you are away.

The camera/treat dispenser is connected to an app for your phone. Through what they call “AI powered dog recognition” it alerts you when your dog comes into view or when your dog is active. It can also sense barks and will send you an alert.

It all sounds a little crazy, but its really pretty cool. Once you get over the newness and wow factor it gives you something more valuable that I wasn’t expecting: peace of mind. It’s nice to know everything is ok with your dog when you’re out there in the dog-less dog eat dog world of work.

It is also a lot of fun.

7 Fun Things to Do with Your Furbo

Here are 7 fun and useful things that you can do with your Furbo dog camera.

1. Check in on your dog at anytime
The Furbo camera lets you check in on your dog from anywhere. Simply open the app that comes with the camera, and you will be able to check in on your dog and your home from a restaurant, friend’s house, or work.

2. Receive alerts
The Furbo dog camera knows when your dog is barking. It will notify you when this happens so that you can peek in and make sure that everything is OK at home. It also notifies you when the dog is playing with another dog or when the dog is pacing.

3. Dispense treats from anywhere
If you think your dog’s been good and deserves a treat, you can use your Furbo dog camera to give your dog a treat.


4. Play fetch
With the ability to hold over 100 treats, you have plenty of opportunity to play with your dog. The treats don’t simply dispense. They shoot out so your dog will have fun chasing it.

5. Talk to you dog
The Furbo dog camera allows you to hear what’s going on at home, and it also allows your dog to hear you. You can give commands and talk to your dog from anywhere. Your dog will recognize your voice and realize that you are always watching him. This may even encourage your dog to behave better while you’re gone.

6. Know when a human is in view
Whether you are waiting for a dog walker or you don’t expect any visitors, Furbo will alert you when it sees another human in the area. This will keep you keep tabs on your dog walker and make sure that they’re arriving on time. It will also help keep your home secure.

7. Take pictures
The Furbo offers amazing quality that you can utilize to take pictures of your furry friend at anytime. It has 1080p image quality, high definition quality, zoom, night vision, and it lets you view a very wide 160 degree angle. This makes the photo opportunities endless.


We all want more time with our dogs. Unless your boss changes their no dog’s at work policy, this is the next best thing. Of course, the Furbo  is not meant to take the place of real care for your dog. While it offers constant surveillance and the ability to give treats, it can’t show your dog the love and affection that it needs. Use the Furbo to enhance your time away from your dog, but don’t let it replace you.

You can get the Furbo from their website: Furbo Dog Camera- the only smart camera designed for dogs. It lets dog parents see, talk and Toss Treats remotely.

or you can go to Amazon: Furbo Pet Camera

(Both of these are affiliate links, meaning if you buy one, this website may get paid, which we use to pay to keep the site up and running.)


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