7 Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food (#4 Is Our Favorite)

Some of the best dog food brands like Taste of the Wild have become super popular by emphasizing that they are grain free. What does that mean for your pup? Check out these 7 benefits of grain free dog food for your dog or puppy.benefits of grain free dog food

What is Grain in Dog Food?

A grain is any food made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley or other cereal. Grains have less protein than meat. Many dog foods contain wheat or corn. Since the grains have less protein, these foods aren’t as dense in the protein count.

Another issue is that some dogs are allergic to grains. These dogs have digestive issues when they eat foods with grain.

So what are the benefits of going grain free? If your dog has allergies it’s a no brainier. If not, here are some of the benefits.

7 Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

  1. More Energy. Since grain free food has more protein, your dog will have more energy. Plus, it is easier to digest.
  2. Healthier Skin. Getting proper nutrition helps your dog’s skin stay healthy.
  3. Shinier Coat. More protein means more fats and oils which help the health of your dog’s coat.
  4. Less Shedding. A healthier and stronger coat means less brittle hair and less shedding.
  5. Better Digestion. Grain free food is more compact and easier to digest. Less filler to digest.
  6. Better Stools. This is true especially if your dog has any sensitivity or allergies to grain.
  7. Less Food. With a high protein, grain free food your dog gets fuller faster. Just like a steak fills you up more than a piece of bread.

Taste of the Wild: Is it Worth It?

We have fed our dog Taste of the Wild for a few years. It started on the vet’s recommendation and is been good for us. It is a bit spendy, but not too bad. They do use quality real ingredients including salmon, lamb and boar. It is also made using purified water and includes probiotics and antioxidants.

Our dog has stayed healthy and we did see improvements when we made the switch. Plus we have the added peace of mind knowing that our food isn’t full of a bunch of filler that could be bad for our dog.

Overall, in our case, a grain free diet with Taste of the Wild has been worth it. Plus, we hope that the healthy eating now will pay dividends later.

After our experience, I was surprised to learn that it is now one of the top selling dog foods on Amazon. As of today’s publishing, it is the #1 seller in dry dog food. There are around 9,000 reviews with 79% being 5 star. Those are impressive numbers, so they must be doing something right.


A grain free diet may be just what your puppy needs, especially if he’s suffering from food allergies or intolerance. Even without those things, a grain free diet has many benefits for your dog.

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what are the benefits of grain free dog food

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