6 Reasons Why 2 Dogs Are Better Than 1?

Why two dogs are better than one

2 dogs are better than 1 and as an owner of two dogs; I can testify that it is unquestionably right.  I love it the most when they leap on my lap whenever I sit beside them, and that’s so fun! I can foresee a strong bond throughout the years and I am totally ready to make more memories with them.

Here are 6 reasons why you should add  another puppy to your pack:

  • A dog also needs a companion

dog also needs a company

For the pet owners who spend most of their time away from home, it is important for a dog to have another dog as a companion. Dogs get lonely, just like us. The remedy is to get another puppy so that both of them can hang. They boost each other’s confidence.

  • Two dogs give you more protection

Two dogs give you more protection

Since two are on guard, you have less time to worry about leaving your house. These two dogs will play as a team in protecting your possession. The other one can protect his buddy whenever there is an attack.

  • An older dog can raise a puppy

older dog can raise a puppy

The older dog knows better than the younger one. In terms of rules, the older dog can be a role model to the newbie. The owner will no longer teach the puppy about tricks because the older one will take over the responsibility. Just like in a family, the younger ones always follow the elders.

  • Needs less attention

dog Needs less attention

It is important to build a strong bond between the two dogs to make them comfortable with each other. Until they have become playmates that you could not even interrupt.

Also reduces separation anxiety every time you left them alone. Furthermore, it helps the fur mommies and fur daddies to be more productive at work.

  • Gives you more fun

dog give more fun to you

Seeing two dogs playing around will give you a joyful mood. Then imagine two dogs lick your face and jump off your leap, it is so magical!

  • You will have more stories to tell your friends

dog behavior

Every dog has different habits. Your dog behavior must be different from your friend’s dog behavior. This is a fun topic for a cluster of friends seeing together.

Some benefits of having a fur baby

  • Dogs help you to be healthy

Dogs help you to be healthy

Having a dog reduces the chances of being stress, of having heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Are 2 dogs better than 1?

  • Dogs can be a source of motivation

Dogs can be a source of motivation

Dogs can help a person experiencing emotional breakdowns to be motivated again.

  • Dogs can be your best friend

Dogs can be your best friend

Therefore, owning a dog takes a lot of responsibilities but of two dogs will lessen your tasks by giving attention, as they will compliment and accompany each other. Dogs are social being so having a companion to them lessens there stress. Take hold of a commitment in taking care of them because they need it in a period of time but after several months the payback is worth it.

Owning only one dog is boring; take a leap to own another one!

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6 Reasons Two Dogs are Better than One


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