5 Ways to Help your Shy Dog

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Dogs are the cutest, loveliest and dearest pet animal creatures on Earth! They are undeniably the sweetest best friends you can ever have. There is no way you can resist their charm. Even the shiest ones can melt your heart in a sec. Oops! The uproar of the cat lovers is too loud to be ignored.

I can completely feel their strong disagreement towards my statement. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to start a fight. This is just my sincere and humble opinion. Please, before you start casting stones at me, let me explain my purpose. I seriously don’t intend to compare the two loveliest furry friends of us. I so love them and I mean it. In fact I have a sweet adorable Persian cat at home.

Anyway, I am here to share some insightful tips on how to help your shy dog boost its confidence. I assume, some of you are dealing with challenges on how to make your dog confident. I have been to that situation and this time I wanna share things I have done to get my dog out of its comfort zone.

Aside from my experience, I have done my research on the internet as to why dogs appear fearful. Normally, they display certain behaviors and body languages such as shaking, hiding, barking, not doing eye contact or tucking their tail.

Puppies between ages 8 weeks to 4 months usually go through this fear cycle stage. Some adult dogs become shy as well because of bad experiences. As pet owners, we have the responsibility to help overcome their shyness. Here is a list of the things you have to do.

Control and Management

It’s important to know the reasons why your dogs are timid. For this, you need to be patient to find out the things that scares them. Is it because of your loud voice? You don’t realize you are too intimidating?

Does your dog show signs of shyness when there are visitors? Basically, you have to check the dog’s surroundings to ensure its safety, and that includes assessing your actions.   


Training or teaching dogs understand the basic instructions like ‘sit’, ‘lie’, or ‘stand’ helps them solve their challenges. Your presence is already beneficial for them since they feel sense of security.

The training is obviously the most difficult part of gaining your dog’s trust but as they figure out what things are off-limits, it saves them from being in a tough situation.

They can avoid the no-nos, and that means they will not be embarrassed. As you train your dog, as much as possible, avoid imposing force for this may cause to worsen its condition.


Although I said I did my research, I am not certain if dog trainers advise this or not but one good way to make your dogs more confident and happy is to walk them. It’s good to start walking your dog in a less crowded place.

If the result shows positive signs, then slowly let your dog be immersed in a more crowded place. Eventually, the dog will get accustomed. Nonetheless, you have to be careful in taking out your dog in public. Putting on a leash would be better to avoid unwanted situations.

More Exposure

This is no different to socialization. There are many dog owners who walk their dogs to the park and sometimes dogs have the opportunities to play with each other. This is another good chance to build your dog’s confidence by letting it see other dogs.

Of course, dogs still have their wild nature and they may display dominance. But as long as you trust your dog, and your dog trusts you, it shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, you have already trained your dog.

Treating with love

What better way to make a dog feel comfortable than to give treats. Feeding your dog nicely is a great way to make it feel cared and loved. It’s a perfect time for you to call the dog’s attention. While your dog is eating you can just sit near and watch it.

Every time your dog does a thing and you are around it will give your dog a sense of security. Of course, giving treats doesn’t only mean giving food but showing your care. Talking with your dog is a healthy practice you should do regularly. Doing this from time to time helps you build a stronger bond with your pet. For dogs, it’s all about caring attention.

Understanding your dog’s behavior is your responsibility. If you truly love your dog then sparing your time shouldn’t be a problem. 

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