5 Things to Do Now If Your Dog Doesn’t Listen

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Is there anyone here who ever experience talking to a non-listening dog? When you say “sit”, he does different actions or just stare at you. Perhaps our furry friend does not bear a mood to do anything, but that rarely happens. Cheer up! There are ways you can manage such dog behavior. Read on the 5 things to do now if your dog doesn’t listen to learn what to do.

5 Ways to Make Dogs Listen

If 1 out of 5 ways to make dogs listen does not work out, you can try the other ways. No one could ever help a dog, except its owner. Let’s go to the main point of this post!

1. Get rid of excess energy

A hyper dog is extra difficult to handle during training. The pup’s focus will be more of releasing its excitement resulting from him having a hard time to listen to what you say.  There is nothing wrong with the puppy to undergo exercises, when at least with discipline and proper practice.

A daily walk helps to drain the dog’s energy without any negative effects on him. It seems to be a beneficial way to the pet at the end of the process. This is a better way for him to waste energy than doing other things. Another way to drain a dog’s energy is to play with him during your free time. This results in a real-time rest for both of you after the play.

2. Use body language

Dogs are not like us, who can easily pick up verbal commands. They normally communicate through energy and body language, just like dog trainers show them. Another reason why the dog won’t listen is maybe you do a non-verbal cue inappropriate to the verbal command you are demonstrating. We impressed dogs more by our actions, not by our words. Keep that in mind.

Check on how you communicate your message towards your pet on every occasion. Or, let others observe your behavior in leading a dog. By doing this, you will be more aware of what to do next time.

3. Be consistent

Dogs won’t get a thing through a single instruction, it takes consistency to help them figure out things.  A disobedient dog might be just confused on what you are trying to say, so be more patient with them. That is part of parenting, dear dog parents.  

Making rules inside a house with a bunch of dogs is necessary to easily keep them one-by-one. Every family member should know about it to attain consistency. Have a sit and talk about the rules as well as limitations in growing dogs. This makes the process smoother and animal-friendly.

4. Stop correcting the dog, wrongly

One cause of a disobedient dog is the fear of punishment. Most dog keepers just don’t get the fact that beating a dog is never a good thing. The situation only gets worse and may give trauma to the pup. Circumstances such as missing dogs are results of inappropriate corrections, and that is so alarming. They wander but cannot forget the last punishment they took.

Dog keepers’ job is to think carefully before making actions towards their pup. You can punish dogs without hurting them. Use correcting actions such as not giving him a treat after being disobedient or ignore him once. Getting angry with your pet instantly, will not change its action.

5. Seek for expert’s help

Some days, dogs just won’t listen because they are not feeling well, or something is bothering them. There are also matters that only an expert can interpret. Dog trainers are not called with their title without being professional in dealing with dogs, even with non-listening behavior.

Professional dog trainers can lend dog owners help in building a better relationship with their fur baby. You may spend extra dollars, but that is okay as long as your dog will be fine afterward. After a piece of training, a non-attentive dog will turn to an active dog.

Why dogs won’t pay attention at times?

There are several reasons why dogs snob their owners, which includes the following:

  •         Perhaps something or someone caught its attention with higher energy than you.
  •         They have the fear of punishment from their owners.
  •         The rarest reason of all is your timing is off because dogs are always looking forward to seeing its loving human.

Final Words

To summarize, I agree with how stressful it is to deal with a dog that is unresponsive to commands. By knowing the possible reasons why they are that way, you can settle possible solutions. The listed things to do are part of the basics, wherein most dog keepers use them in making their dogs listen.

I hope you listen to what I have shared above. Doing what you have read will alter your dog’s bad behavior into something nicer, that will benefit both of you. Do not forget to notify me when things get better. Thank you!

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