5 Hacks To Stop Your Dog Begging For Food

Stop Your Dog Begging for Food

Are you tired of your dog whining and begging at the table? Perfect! Check out these 5 hacks to stop your dog begging for food.

Dog Begging: Nobody Likes It

Begging at the table is never cute. ( I’m looking at you, Delilah!)

We’ve all had that moment. You settle down to enjoy a meal and…. surprise, there’s an additional furry family member bellied up to the table. Eager, sad eyes looking up at you with those begging for just a little taste. What do you do?

The first thing you don’t want to do is yell “Shut up!!” You probably already know by now that doesn’t work.

A dog begging for food is quite common, yet easy to rectify. With a little discipline on the parents part, dog begging can be eliminated while still providing our dogs love and affection.

Stop Your Dog Begging for Food

5 Hacks to Stop Your Dog Begging for Food

Lets get to the 5 hacks that will help you get rid of dog begging. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Do not succumb to temptation.

As easy as you would believe this tip to be, it is actually rather difficult, especially when you must deny your furry friend what he/she wants.

To dogs, food reinforces a behavior because dogs view food as a form of affection, meaning they have done something to please you.

So, your furry friend learns that if he/she begs, he/she gets food, which is a cycle that must be broken in order for your furry friend to know begging does not equate to receiving food.

2. Be consistent with training.

In order to break this established habit in your mature dog or prevent it from occurring in your puppy, you have to practice consistency.

Beginning a routine were your dog is instructed to stay seated in a specific spot during meals and then rewarding him/her with their own delicious meal, encourages them to respect mealtime and boundaries.

However, only reward your dog after everyone else has eaten and are no longer seated at the table.

3. Ensure your dog is well fed.

In some cases, your dog will beg for food or table scraps because he/she is not satisfied from their meal. Ensuring your dog has enough to eat and is well fed during all their meals, will deter your dog from constantly begging for table scraps.

If your having issues with dog food selection, check out these two posts on dry dog foods and grain free dog food.

4. Make sure every member of the family is on the same page.

So you’ve trained your furry friend to stay away from the dinner table. You’ve made sure his/her belly was full after their meal and you’ve resisted the temptation to sneak a piece of leftover bacon from breakfast but you still catch them whining from where they are seated. Why?

The culprit may be a little human in your family. You must make sure that all family members including little children are made aware that they are not to feed the dog table scraps.

5. Ignore the begging.

This may seem harsh or inhumane but dogs have a predisposition to tire and get bored overtime. If attempts to get your attention have been thwarted, he/she will move from you to another member of the family, and if they too are ignoring the begging, your furry friend will grow tired and bored, and will move on.

This is not a simple task nor is it an overnight solution, but over time and with consistency, this technique can prove successful.

Here’s a video that shows some of these techniques in action:



As with most things with your dog, consistency is key. You are always teaching your dog even when you think you are not. Apply these five hacks to stop your dog begging for food and you should start to have some quieter (at least from the dog) meal times.

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How to Stop Dog Begging

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