5 Fun And Easy Dog Birthday Cake Recipes

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Our fur babies do deserve a delicious cake too! Your pet dog will love the taste of a birthday cake specially made for him.It is the best way to spoil canine pets being a great companion to us.We will share in a bit some dog-friendly cake recipes you would like to try at home.So, get yourself ready!

Dog Birthday Cake Recipes

Consider the best recipes good for a dog’s health.For example is the type of flour, because not all flours are the same. Non-grain flour is advisable to use in preparing a dog cake. Some dogs are sensitive with wheat, so a free grain diet could be the best choice.Always look for a healthier option of ingredients in making dog cakes.

A dog cake welcomes “human food” recipes. Have an idea of what human ingredients are suitable for dogs.Safe ingredients include most veggies and fruits, except avocados, cherries, and grapes. Frosting ideas require only small quantities of honey or other frosting ingredients use for human cakes.

The most harmful ingredient is chocolate. It is not right for dogs.

5 Homemade Dog Birthday Cake Recipes

After knowing the fido-friendly ingredients, let’s go to the baking area! Here are 5 easy-to-make cake recipes for dog you can prepare for your pup:

1. Sweet Potato Carrot Dog Cake

Let us begin with a bone-shaped cake for dogs. Its shape invites the pup to eat some extra. You need to use a bone-shaped pan in baking this cake.

Prepare the oven at 350̊ F. Put together the honey, coconut oil, and sweet potato puree in the pan, and then mix. Add some water and baking powder, and then put the carrots. Keep stirring the mixture.

Grease the pan and then put the mixture.Wait for up to 25-minutes to top the cake with puree and shredded carrots.

Watch YouTube tutorial in this link.

2. Apple Banana Cake

This recipe only requires two major ingredients, including apple and banana.Both ingredients deal with gastrointestinal issues on dogs.Apple and banana are the good supply of fiber and many vitamins.Apple seeds can make dogs sick, so make sure to remove it.

With other ingredients such as almond flour, baking powder, and water, you can make two cupcakes for your pup.

Heat the oven to 350̊ F. Mash the banana and shred the apple, and then mix them with applesauce.Then, mix the flour and the water. Bake the mixture for 25-minutes and wait until the firm.

Make a frosting with flour and mashed bananas. Place frosting on top of the cake and let it cool. Top the cake with some apple slices and mashed bananas.

Watch YouTube tutorial in this link.

3. Peanut Pumpkin Butter Cake

Cupcakes are much easier to prepare for dogs.Now is a peanut butter flavored cake that most dogs loved dearly. With a small number of ingredients, you can prepare five mini cakes for your pet. You can add up a candle at the center of the cake and then remove the candle before serving to dogs.

Set the oven up to 350̊ F.Do a mixture of pumpkin puree, peanut butter, honey, and egg in a pan and then add some baking powder with flour. Grease the molder and put the cake mixture. Keep it in the oven until becomes firm.

Prepare the frosting with peanut butter and yogurt and top the cake. You may add dog biscuits on top for added décor.

Watch YouTube tutorial in this link.

4. Coconut-Honey Doggo Cake

This one only wishes five ingredients to make a delicious cake for both humans and canine pets. Melted oil of coconut and honey can go in preparing a dog cake in 20-minutes. It is just a simple cake with plain yogurt frosting.

Use a medium bowl in mixing the coconut oil, honey, and eggs with flour. Let them be totally blended to have a perfectly-textured cake.Bake the mixture in greased ramekins until it turns light brown for 20-minutes. There will be two cakes as a result. Wait until it chills down and then fill and top the cake with the plain yogurt as frosting.

Coconut-Honey Doggo Cake could be the easiest cake recipe on the list. It demands the shortest time of baking as well.

Watch YouTube tutorial in this link.

5. Banana Peanut Butter Pupcake

This cake recipe can be easily done by children, without causing them any harm. Making these cupcakes could be the best way to bond with your kids. Peanut butter cake is not new on the list, but we will be using a banana as the main recipe here.

Total time of 30-minutes is needed to finally finish cupcakes for your dog.You can choose to add shredded carrots on the recipe for added flavor.

First, preheat the oven the same as the previous temp level. Prepare the cupcake tin with paper liners for later use. Get a large bowl and mix the wet ingredients, such as banana, carrots, egg, honey, vanilla, oil, and peanut butter. Get another bowl for dry mixtures, including the oats, flour, and baking soda.After mixing on a separate bowl,bring the mixture together.

Put the mixture to each cupcake liner about 2/3 full and bake it for approximately 20-minutes. Add the peanut butter frosting on top of the cake.

Watch YouTube tutorial in this link.

Final Words

Overall,dog cake recipes are comparable to a common cake recipe for humans.Even the process of making one is the same.The only difference is chocolate must not be added on dog cakes for some health reasons.

Chocolates are bad for dogs that might lead to serious illness or worst, death.Better check out if the ingredients are dog-friendly before making a move. Your goal is not just to spoil a pet dog but more of considering its safety while enjoying every bite of the cake.

You are free to share more dog birthday cake recipes in the comment section to let others see what to bake next. After reading this post, would you bake a cake for your dog over there?I bet he is craving for some sweets.

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