5 Best Dogs for Emotional Support

Any dog can provide a feeling of security, comfort, and joy to their owners. But particular dog breeds are great in giving emotional support because of their nurturing personalities. Some of them have a natural calm attitude, while others are natural-born lap dogs. For those who are looking to adopt one, I will be discussing five dog breeds in this article that are best for emotional support and how they help people.

Dog Breeds That Are Best For Emotional Support

Here are some of the best emotional support dog breeds. See if your dog is one of them. If you are looking to adopt one, these dog breeds are your best choices.

1. Bernese Mountain Dogs

One of the best emotional support dog breeds is Burmese Mountain dogs. They have a large physique, so if your home can accommodate one, these dogs are ideal for you.

What makes them great when it comes to providing emotional assistance is their loving disposition. They also have an easygoing and gentle demeanor that other dogs don’t have. If you are a person who needs a little comfort from a friend, these calming characteristics are every emotional support dogs have. Burmese mountain dogs are also gentle giants that everyone would love to be with all day long.

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2. Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are competing with Labrador retrievers as the best dog breed to ease depression thanks to their comforting personality. The two main qualities that emotional support dogs must have the eagerness to learn and they should be people-oriented. Golden retrievers are incredibly smart, allowing them to learn tricks and dog commands easily. They are also friendly and gentle around both humans and other animals.

Aside from that, these dogs are loyal, cheerful, and very dependable. If you want a dog that you can emotionally rely on, a Golden Retriever is among your best choices.

3. French Bulldogs

At first look, you may not imagine that French bulldogs are among the best emotional support dogs, but they do. These adorable pups show comical expressions and their relatively compact physique makes them easy to travel with.

French bulldogs have the cutest smiles that can ease stress, depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma. They are full of joy and their radiant positivity can lift you. Dogs are naturally perceptive of human emotions through our actions and voices. If you are grieving or stressed, a French bulldog will stay at your side when you need them the most.

4. German Shepherds

German Shepherds are among the large dog breeds that are best at providing emotional support. With their huge physique, they provide a great sense of comfort that can ease anxiety. These dogs are also intelligent, making them easy to train for different purposes.

Aside from that, they are also patient, calm, gentle, and caring dogs. These are the reasons why they are best for individuals who experience panic attacks. German shepherds provide a feeling of security and calm that keeps a person emotionally grounded and stable. But if you are planning to adopt one, make sure to get him a leash to secure him while traveling.

5. Huskies

This breed has been working with people for many years now. For this reason, they are now considered among the best emotional support dogs. Huskies are very sweet and inviting, which provides a lifting effect on your mood. In any situation, these dogs are confident that makes them very dependable.

Siberian huskies are also loving and playful. Their size, on the other hand, makes them hard to travel with. Regardless of that, these dogs are friendly even with strangers, so you don’t have to worry if people want to interact with them in public places. They also require a lot of exercise, so if you are planning to adopt one, you have to consider giving them a secure place to play and dig.

How Do Emotional Support Dogs Help People?

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. These adorable and playful animals are fun to be with, and they provide a lot of emotional relief, especially for people who need emotional support.

Some dog breeds are proven to be effective in animal-assisted therapy, working as canine companies for individuals who are suffering from bipolar disorder and PTSD. These breeds are also great as therapy and emotional support dogs. Knowing that a dog is relying on your existence can give you a sense of worth. This feeling helps people to move forward and become emotionally stable.


To sum it up, dogs are indeed amazing animals to live with. They provide relief and joy to people and they give a sense of security. If you are planning to adopt an emotional support dog, you can choose from the dog breeds above.

While particular dog breeds are great for emotional support, any dog breed that welcomes you as you arrive from a whole day’s work can provide the best emotional relief.

6 thoughts on “5 Best Dogs for Emotional Support”

  1. Pomskys are very good ESA’s too but of course they would be they are half Siberian Husky ☺️ lol but Pomeranians are very loving and a “I need you” dog

  2. Pugs, especially Chinese (toy), are an excellent ESA also. The are very social and great companions. When my wife passed mine was very instrumental in keeping me from being overly depressed.

  3. They’re called Bernese Mountain Dogs (aka Berner). They originate from the Canton on Bern in Switzerland. Burmese are either cats or snakes from the country of Burma.

  4. My American Akita helped me through DV from my ex husband and the court case.iHe wanted Kai, but the court awarded him to me. I lost my house but kept Kai and my cats.

  5. I wouldn’t say a German shepherd would help with anxiety 😂 they can be trained to do this but any regular person buying one will not get these results. GS are AMAZING dog but need LOVE and ATTENTION

  6. Kathy
    My Chihuahua Chinese Crested was bought to be an emotional support dog and she has become my service dog she alerts me when my blood sugar is low also I have a sleeping disorder and keeps me awake or wakes me up if need be my daughter has her sister as an emotional support dog Chihuahua are get emotional support dogs since they are pretty much glued to their person

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