5 Best Dog Training YouTube Channels

Dog Training YouTube Channels

Nowadays, you can find everything on YouTube. As a matter of fact, if you want to train your dog this complex and vast website can help you a lot.

Even so, when it comes to training your dog using videos is much better compared to pictures. In fact, there are now lots of dog training YouTube channels, and take note, these channels features great videos. Plus, you can watch these videos free of charge.

On the other hand, these YouTube channels can be a great source for those who want to train their puppy as well as raise a well-behaved and happy dog.

However, not all dog training videos that can be found on YouTube are good. Some of them have inappropriate content, wherein some dog trainers make use of punitive and old-fashioned ways of training.

For that reason, we have decided to make a list of reputable and outstanding dog training YouTube channels to support and inspire you at the same time on your dog training journey. So if you are interested check out the 5 best dog training YouTube channels

Five Best Dog Training YouTube Channels

All of the YouTube channels listed below are using modern as well as humane methods. They’re all different. Some of these dog training channels are mostly “how to” or tutorial videos. While others simply examples of what can be accomplished over a progressive reinforcement training.

Either way, these 5 best dog training YouTube channels are not enumerated in a particular order. Nonetheless, here are the best YouTube channels where you can watch dog training videos that can help in giving your dog or puppy a good start.

1. Zak’s Dog Training Revolution – Zak George

Zak’s Dog Training Revolution – Zak George


This list of best dog training YouTube channels will not be completed without mentioning Zak’s Dog Training Revolution. Zak George, who is the owner of this YouTube channel, a dynamic YouTube star, and an Animal Planet persona made this channel to help every dog owner in raising their pets.

In this channel, Zak will help you to train and improve your dog’s unique traits as well as increase their energy level, leading to a happier pet and quicker results.

As a matter of fact, Zak’s personality stumbles out of these videos while his eagerness is really infectious. But nevertheless, this YouTube channel has a wide variety of videos. Even though Zak George is not consistent with his training methods, Zak’s Dog Training Revolution is a great learning source, especially for new trainers.

Also, this YouTube channel has concise and clear graphics as well as titles, making it easier to find the things or topics that you’re looking for.

This dog training YouTube channel has more than 1.3 million subscribers.

2. Donna Hill


Donna Hill


Donna Hill is a Canadian behaviorist and dog trainer. On her, YouTube channel you can find lots of outstanding videos, and in fact, most of the videos are cleanly filmed using a wide variety of camera viewpoints. As a result, her videos are very easy to understand and easy on the eyes.

In addition to that, this dog training YouTube channel has handy dog care videos, for instance, how to show your puppy to be blissful having her nails clipped and her teeth cleaned.

On the other hand, Donna Hill even created a convenient directory for her canine videos. Either way, this YouTube Channel has more than 17 thousand subscribers.

3. Training Positive – Tab Shamsi


Training Positive – Tab Shamsi


Tab Shamsi’s dog training videos are very much appropriate for beginner trainers. However, Tab does not upload videos on his YouTube channel regularly. But if you have not visited his channel or haven’t viewed any of his training videos up till now, visiting his channel is worth considering. Even so, if you visit and then subscribe to this YouTube channel you will be able to find out how to turn your puppy into a super dog.

As a matter of fact, Tab Shamsi’s videos are put together and take note, they are filmed clearly and very well. Not only that, the instructions are clear and thorough.

Either way, Tab’s YouTube channel that is popularly known as “Training Positive” has more than 260 thousand subscribers.

4. Kikopup – Emily Larlham


Kikopup – Emily Larlham


Emily Larlham, who is a Swedish dog trainer is the lady behind the Kikokup YouTube channel. In fact, Kikokup is one of the thorough and most comprehensive dog training YouTube channels in today’s day and age.

This, YouTube channel is loaded with instructional and useful videos that cover all aspect of dog training. Kikokup, on the other hand, is perfect for novices to positive support training as it contains lots of comprehensive videos regarding the building blocks of basic obedience behaviors.

Nonetheless, the Kikokup dog training YouTube channel has a total of more than 86 thousand subscribers. So if you are interested in this channel, feel free to visit it and remember viewing videos from this channel is completely free of charge.

On the other hand, if you are having a hard time calming your dog, then you really need to visit Emily Larlahm’s YouTube channel.

5. Modern Canine Training – Kristin Crastejo


Modern Canine Training – Kristin Crastejo


Kristin Crastejo’s YouTube channel is packed with videos that will definitely help everybody, especially for those who want to train their canine. Most of the training methods Kristin used in her videos are modern.

This YouTube channel does not only contain videos that focus on formal obedience teaching but on the concepts and principles which support effective as well as successful dog and puppy care.

In addition to that, Kristin Crastejo’s videos are well-produced, polished, and of course worth watching.  And as of 2018, this dog training YouTube channel has more than 63 thousand subscribers.

Bonus #6: The Online Dog Trainer

All of these are great free resources. The down side is that getting around on YouTube can be a struggle sometimes. Plus there can be a lot of ads and interruptions. If you’re interested in an excellent collection of video training on just about any dog training issue, check out The Online Dog Trainer There you will get all the videos in one place plus a membership forum and more. You get get a $1 trial by clicking here.


Aside from the above mentioned dog training YouTube channels, there are still other channels out there. However, you need to make sure that you’re only subscribing to an appropriate and trusted channel. Because as what we have said a while ago, there are some YouTube channels demonstrating unethical training methods.

Nevertheless, if you are a dog owner who always wants to learn new things especially when it comes to dog training, don’t think twice and subscribe from any of the dog training YouTube channels mentioned above.

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