5 Best Dog Training Books for Humane Pet Parenting

Best Dog Training Books

There are a lot of dog training books out there. As a dog mom or dad who believes in humane training, how do you know which ones are right for you? Never fear, we have the 5 best dog training books for humane pet parenting.

Why Do We Need Dog Training Books?

You might be wondering why we even need dog training books at this point. There is so much free dog training information on the internet, why would you need a book?

The answer is time, consistency and quality. It will take you hours and hours to sift through all the junk on the internet, assuming you don’t get sucked into a Facebook or Amazon black hole.

Second, there are so many conflicting theories on dog training, you need to pick an approach and be consistent. By picking a book, you are committing to a consistent dog training philosophy.

Finally, the quality of the 5 best books on our list is excellent. This blog is full of dog training advice, but I’m not an expert trainer. We share our experiences with our dogs in the hopes it is helpful. Sometimes you need to read it straight from the pros.

New Puppies to Old Dogs

Dogs of any age can be trained. Getting a new dog is really exciting. With all the excitement also comes all new training for your loving new dog. Doing the training right brings happiness to you and your new pet.

The same is true of older dogs. Either way, they do not come equipped with knowing your rules and will need guidance.

Dog Training Books

Doing training in positive way will make your loving dog happy to do the training with you. It will also build your new dogs confidence while learning how to adapt in your home, seeing you happy and giving back the positive reactions when they do want you want them to do makes your bond happy and strong.

You want to find a book that works for you and your dog. You also want it to focus on positive reinforcement not punishment. So let’s get to the recommendations!

5 Best Dog Training Books for Humane Pet Parent

Victoria Stilwell - Train Your Dog Positively
1. Train Your Dog Positively

This book was written by Victoria Stilwell, she is famous for her show it’s me or the dog. I love her training, she is the one who helped me understand clicker training.

In this book she explains how you can use positive clicker training to not only teach them how to sit but to also help dogs change their bad habits like pulling on the leash, learning
to go outside in the yard and not on the carpet and much, much more.

Pat Miller - The Power of Positive Dog Training
2. The Power of Positive Dog Training

This book was written by a known dog trainer. She writes about the importance of
knowing your dog’s body language and how to properly react. As well as understand the importance of positive training and how to use clicker training and treats to help in training your dog.

Training the Best Dog Ever

3. Training the Best Dog Ever-

This book gives an easy step by step
guide to positive training and how to positive reinforce when your dog does it wrong. It has been written to easily understand and follow. The former President used this book to help train his dog.

Positive puppy training

4. Positive puppy training-

This book mainly focuses on how to install
good habits with your new puppy in a positive way. We all know puppy training can be difficult and this book will give you the step by
step guide to train your puppy in a fun and positive way. It is written for easy understanding so you won’t have trouble when following the
training steps with your new puppy.

The Perfect Companion - Dog Training Book

5. The Perfect Companion

This book is written to help you build a
positive bond while you are training you dog. It explains on how a strong respected bond between you and your pet can help when following positive training steps. As well as having an everlasting strong and respected bond
throughout your years together.


Consistency is key with dog training, so choose a book and stick to it. Stay positive and your dog will respond better.

Remember that training should be fun for you and your dog!

Is there a favorite book we didn’t list? Drop a comment below!

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