5 Best Breath Fresheners for Dog Bad Breath

dog breathe freshener

We all love playing with our dogs but being licked on the face is where some of us draw the line, especially when bad breath is involved. The smell can really stick to our skin or our clothes and linger throughout the day. We don’t want you to miss out on bonding with your pup, so we created this list of the 5 best breath fresheners for dog bad breath.

Dog breath fresheners are a great way to combat foul-smelling breath and plaque. They work the same as our breath sprays, yet they do not use any kind of ingredient that could possibly irritate our furry friends.

If you are thinking of buying one, read on. I have gathered five different brands of dog breath fresheners in this review, looking into each product’s features, pros, and cons.


Zesty Paws Dog Fresh Breath Dental Spray with Aloe Vera

Zesty Paws Dog Fresh Breath Dental Spray

Zesty Paws breath spray is packed with a bacteria-fighting formula and minty fresh flavor to significantly reduce your dog’s bad breath.  It comes in a 4 oz. bottle with an easy to use spray head, which allows for easy application.


  • Available in peppermint and spearmint flavors
  • Has Aloe Vera which lessens plaque buildup in the mouth
  • Uses Rosemary Oil to aid in their digestive process and gut health

Aside from freshening the breath, it also offers many benefits for your dog. Aloe Vera and Rosemary Oil, which are both added ingredients, help improve your pet’s overall health and keep that minty fresh smell for a longer period.

Zesty Paws also offers a Lifetime Guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back, no questions asked.


  • Uses an easy-to-use spray head
  • Can be used for all dog breeds of different sizes
  • Boosts the overall health of your pet
  • Zesty Paws Lifetime Guarantee


  • Bottle is too small
  • Higher price compared to similar products


Jump’s New Dog Breath Freshener Gel

Jump’s New Dog Breath Freshener Gel

Using gels or toothpastes are also an effective method in decreasing bad breath. Jump’s breath freshener gel uses a solution with eight different ingredients that not only freshen the breath but heighten your dog’s overall health as well.

It is also very easy to apply. Simply use your finger or a piece of gauze to gently rub the gel to your dog’s gum line. It will be absorbed by the saliva and spread across the mouth and teeth, resulting in better-smelling breath.


  • Fast results—you will see improvement in 30 days
  • Reduces plaque and tartar buildup
  • Lessen toxins in your dog’s bloodstream
  • Protects the gums from other forms of diseases

The health of our dogs should be a priority, too, and this is a practical feature provided by Jump’s breath freshening gel. For best results, use the gel for 1-2 times a day, and do not give your pet food or water for 30 minutes after application. You will soon be seeing results within the span of weeks.


  • 100% natural holistic ingredients
  • Improves your dog’s health
  • Works through saliva to spread solution across the mouth
  • 12 hours of fresh breath


  • Small bottle
  • Gels are slightly more challenging to put especially for aggressive dogs


Pets Are Kids Too Premium Dental Spray

Pets Are Kids Too Premium Dental Spray

Yes, we sometimes treat our dogs as our own children and want nothing than the best for them. The Pets Are Kids Too dental spray effectively freshens breath while fighting some life-threatening oral diseases, which show up in 70-80% of pets worldwide. The whole process of using this spray ends with your dog’s teeth get a whole lot whiter, too.


  • Reduces plaque and tartar with a daily natural-controlling properties
  • Anti-septic formula battles bad breath at its root cause
  • Pet-friendly taste

Administering this spray is very simple. Add about 3-5 sprays per quart to your dog’s water bowl and 2-3 sprays directly to their mouth daily. Do this religiously and you will see gradual improvement in just days. The taste is also very pet-friendly, so once they try it, they will be begging you for more.

The best thing about this product is the principle behind it. Part of the proceeds goes to the Indy Fund, named after the manufacturer’s puppy that passed away. The fund aims to educate more owners about the different medical conditions that our pets could suffer from.


  • Whitens teeth
  • No alcohol or toxic-grand pesticides were used
  • Has a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Battles different oral diseases as well


  • Pets may initially get irritated when drinking water


Happy Green Pets Dental Breath Freshener

Happy Green Pets Dental Freshener

If your dog is easily irritated by sprays or gels or is ultra-aggressive, try the Happy Green breath freshener. Simply pour a little bit of the solution in your pet’s water bowl and watch them drink it all up. This results in fresher breath and improved oral hygiene.


  • Easy to apply to pets
  • Kills odor-causing bacteria in the mouth
  • Reduces plaque and tartar as well as other gum-related diseases

Personally, I am a fan of simply mixing the formula in your dog’s water. It is very convenient because it saves a lot of time while effectively being spread all over the mouth. It is a quick and easy way to fight bad breath.

This breath freshener uses no harmful ingredients, so you can be sure that your dog is safe. Should this product not show any signs of effectivity, you can get your money back, too.


  • Big bottle for longer use
  • No harmful ingredients or dyes are used
  • Easily spreads around your dog’s mouth


  • Can irritate your pet’s water in the beginning
  • Hard to find a right balance when mixing it with water


Trudog Breath Freshener Spray


Lastly, the fifth brand we will be talking about is the Trudog breath freshener spray. Similar to the Zesty Paws spray, all you need to do is spray the solution inside your dog’s mouth once a day, and it will help reduce bad breath significantly.


  • Uses a spray-head for easy-to-use application
  • Helps keep your dog healthy and boosts its immune system
  • Supports tooth and gum health

Having a spray with very good medical features is both practical and effective. The liquid and the mist get to the source of the foul odor for a more efficient and long-lasting solution. Best of all, it uses no harmful additives and is veterinarian approved. You can rest assured that your pet will remain safe while using this product.


  • Has good overall medical benefits
  • Recommended use is only once per day
  • All natural ingredients
  • Veterinarian approved


  • Small bottle
  • Expensive price point compared to competitors


Factors to Consider When Buying a Breath Freshener for Dogs


Medical Benefits

Bad breath can be an effect of different diseases: tooth decay, gum problems, stomach issues, etc. It is important that your breath freshener can help cure these and get to the root of the problem.


Value for Money

Another factor to consider is the size of the bottle and how proportional it is to the price. You would not want to spend $30 and only to use it for a couple of weeks.


Compatibility with Your Dog

When buying products like this, it is all about compatibility with your dog. No matter how many advantages it presents, if it does not work for your pet, there is no use continuing with it. Be sure to ask advice from your local veterinarian, and observe your dog’s reaction to the product.


At the end of the day, finding the best breath freshener for your dog is all about fit. Start with one that caters to their main problems, and see whether it works or not. Not all brands will work for them immediately, so it is important to be patient in tracking down the most effective solution to your pet’s bad breath.

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