4 Tips for Finding the Best Chihuahua Names of All Time

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So you’ve brushed up on how to be a good dog mom and decided that it’s time for you to adopt a dog of your own. And your eyes are set on a cute, small Chihuahua. Let me tell you now, don’t be deceived by their size as Chihuahuas can be quite a handful despite their small physiques.

I belong to a Chihuahua-loving household. All five of our dogs (and 3 others who have passed away) are Chihuahuas, and each one of them has a personality (or as my dad likes to call it, ‘dogsonality’) of their own. That being said, choosing Chihuahua names is usually one of the best but trickiest parts of owning one.

Choosing a name for your new Chihuahua baby may seem like a challenging task. After all, your pup will be stuck with it (and so will you). While you can choose to name your Chi depending on what strikes your fancy at the moment, you may end up realizing that it doesn’t seem to fit your dog at all.

Because of this common struggle, we’re going to help you choose your Chihuahua’s name.

We’re not going to be giving you a list, instead we’ll present you with basic guidelines that can help you in your quest to find good Chihuahua names. Okay, and maybe some examples, while we’re at it.

By the end of this article, not only will you be able to make their names more unique, they’ll also suit your dog really well.

To get you in a Chihuahua naming mood, here’s a video to set the stage!

First Off, A Reminder

The first tip for choosing your Chihuahua’s name is actually an obvious one. Strangely enough, a lot of dog parents seem to overlook this one when naming their dogs, so we thought we’d just put it on the table just to be sure.

Make sure to pick a name for your dog that is gender appropriate or at the very least, gender neutral.

While this is not a requirement, it just sounds and fits better if names like ‘Precious’ are given to girls while names like ‘Gizmo’ sound better for a boy.

how to find perfect chihuahua names

Naming Based on “Dogsonality”

Chihuahuas are very interesting dogs. No matter how many I’ve come across so far, there don’t seem to be any two who are truly alike. Like people, they have very unique personalities of their own.

If your Chi has a strikingly unique quality in his or her personality, then you can make that an inspiration for their name.

For example, your dog likes eating peanut butter. You can name him or her ‘Skippy’ or ‘Peanut’.

If your dog likes hunting around tiny insects around your home, you can go with something like ‘Hunter’ or ‘Nala’ (after the lioness in The Lion King).

Or, if your dog zips past you when he’s running, ‘Flash’.

You can even use more glaringly obvious ones like ‘Happy’, ‘Diva’, or ‘Mr. Barks-a-lot’.

The point is, getting something that makes your dog’s personality stand out and basing their name on that will give people a better idea of who your dog is even by just introducing their name.

You can also take the ironic-is-creative approach and name your dog something that they quite obviously aren’t. For example, your sociable pup can be named ‘Bashful’.

Chihuahua Names Based on Size

Chihuahuas may be the smallest dogs on the block, but they can and will act otherwise. The beauty in this trademark quirk in the breed means that you can choose a name from both sides of the spectrum: a word relating to small as in their physical size, or something massive in relation to their perceived size and the size of their hearts and personalities.

This means you can name a Chihuahua ‘Goliath’, ‘Mega’, ‘Pixie’, ‘Shorty’, ‘Mini’, ‘Thumbelina’ or any other name that’s a wordplay on size, and you can choose any that can either mean big or small.

The smallest of our band of Chihuahuas is a tiny boy and that’s exactly what I affectionately call him. But he jumps higher than the others and takes on them as if he’s the largest one of them all. It really isn’t about the physical size when it comes to Chihuahuas.

On the other hand, our kennel name is ‘Anakim’, a race of giants found in the Bible, which is funny because the entire kennel’s made up of small Chihuahuas. The closeness of the name to ‘Anakin’ is also an homage to our eldest Chihuahua’s botched name of ‘Jepi’, which was supposed to be ‘Jedi’ but was registered wrong due to a clerical error (be careful when writing your dog’s name in the application papers, everyone).

Naming Your Chihuahua Based on Appearance

Another basis that you can have when naming your new Chihuahua is based on their physical appearance.

You can get inspiration from their coat color with names like ‘Chocolate’, ‘Oreo’, or ‘Midnight’. Again, you can opt for an ironic-is-creative approach and name a white dog ‘Brownie’ or something like that. Our pure white, peace-loving Chihuahua is ‘inappropriately’ named Vader (Star Wars reference!).

If your dog has a unique pattern on their fur, you can also get a name from that. Chihuahuas often have unique patterns on their forehead or all over their body. If it’s shaped like a heart, you can go for ‘Heart’ or ‘Love’ or another variation of those words. If it looks like a lightning bolt, you can choose ‘Zeus’ or ‘Harry’ (from Harry Potter).

One of our Chihuahuas has a brown spot on her white chin which looked a lot like someone dripped a small blob of chocolate ice cream on her, so we named her ‘Choco Drop’. Her daughter’s a dark brown color and is a little on the pudgy side so she’s named ‘Java’, a combination of a coffee reference for her color and a variation of Jabba from Star Wars for her physique.

Mix It Up

If you truly want your Chihuahua’s name to be unique, don’t be afraid to mix these tips up and choose a truly fitting name for your pup.

Don’t just stick with English names, some people choose to give their Chis Mexican names because of the breed’s heritage. You can also choose a translation of an English word or phrase in another language to make it sound different even when the base word is something common like ‘Joy’ or ‘Snow’.

If you’re someone who likes pop culture or mythologies, don’t be afraid to get inspiration from your own favorites. As long as you know where to begin, you can find a character’s name that has something to do with it. If you choose to name depending on size, you can choose ‘Tyrion’, ‘Yoda’, ‘Iapetus’, ‘Tinkerbell’, ‘Frodo’ and so much more!

tips for Chihuahua Names


Choosing your new Chihuahua’s name can be a tricky task, but once you find the right one it will fit so well that you’ll be proud to have chosen that name. Plus, the whole process of thinking up possible names for your Chi is a fun experience.

To sum up the tips we discussed, the guides for choosing your Chihuahua’s name can be based on gender, personality, size, appearance, or a combination of all of these. Let your creative juices flow, and don’t be afraid to go against the status quo if the situation calls for it (like I mentioned, you can take the ironic-is-creative route from time to time).

We hope you had fun going through with this article with us, let us know in the comments below what name you’re planning to name your new (or future) Chihuahua!

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