4 Reasons Why Your Dog is Licking the Carpet

dog licking carpet

So I recently stumbled upon this video of a dog being a good doggie who cleans up their owner’s carpet for them…

Okay, maybe that’s not what he’s doing, but before the Dog Licking Carpet Challenge becomes a thing we better clear up the reasons why your dog has been making the carpet soggy (and not with pee).

Not only is this habit bad for your carpet, it’s something that needs to be understood because it can pose health risks for any dog who does it. The first step to address a problem is to understand it, so check out the possible reasons as to why dogs are led to licking the carpet.

Reason 1: Your Dog’s Bored

Similar to us humans, our dogs can resort to doing crazy things when bored. Carpet licking is one of these things.

Unlike you who could just start playing Candy Crush, dogs can’t usually find a good source of entertainment. That is, unless your pet is this guy.

That being said, your dog will turn his attention to the carpet and start licking away simply because there’s nothing else to do.

Luckily, the solution for this one is quite simple: give your dog something to do.   

Reason 2: Your Dog’s Stressed

Licking the carpet may be a sign that your dog is experiencing some anxiety or stress and they’re coping by occupying themselves with the carpet.

Of course, it’s worrying if we suspect that our dogs are undergoing some kind of anxiety, but the best way to deal with the situation is to determine the cause for their stress.

Usually it’s something glaringly obvious like a change in routine, diet, or environments. And while sometimes these changes are necessary, there’s a better way to present them to your dog that won’t stress them out.

reasons why dog lick carpet

Reason 3: Your Dog Has Digestive Problems

You know how dogs eat grass to induce vomiting when they’re not feeling well? Well, carpet licking may be the indoor version of it.

Since indoor dogs don’t usually have access to grass or vegetation to help ease their discomfort, they try to make the carpet a substitute. If you think that your dog is licking the carpet for this reason, you better keep an eye on them as they can attempt to swallow something dangerous in their attempt to vomit.

The licking session usually ends once the dog vomits, but in some instances it can last really long before they achieve their goal of throwing up. Unless you use a carpet cleaner that has chemicals that can possibly harm your dog, it’s generally okay to let your dog keep licking the carpet.  

If it’s a recurring problem with your dog, then consult your vet as your dog may be showing signs of hyperacidity. This can happen when they are left unfed for a long period of time, which can happen if they don’t have a fixed feeding schedule. Eating plain bread can usually ease their tummy discomfort as it absorbs some of the acid in their stomach.

Reason 4: Your Dog Has Neurological Problems

If the carpet licking is not caused by any of the first three reasons above, then it may be a symptom of a more serious neurological problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

If your dog is showing compulsive symptoms like constant licking of not only the carpet but their fur and other things in sight, then it may be a sign of a head injury or some form of a neurological problem.

In case you suspect that the carpet licking behavior of your dog is not any of the simpler ones, then consult your vet to properly diagnose the problem with your dog as soon as you can.


While the Dog Licking Carpet Challenge may not be a possibility in the future (but you never know, right?), knowing the possible reasons why your dog is doing it can drastically reduce the chances of it happening.

Once you determine whether it’s boredom, stress, or other medical problems that may be causing this behavior in your dog, it will be much easier to address it accordingly and stop the carpet licking once and for all.

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why does my dog lick the carpet all the time

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  1. Another learning information I read today. I’ve noticed this on my dog, but not to the point that she’s licking on the floor or the carpet, lip licking is what I’ve seen to her, after an hour she went outside of the house to vomit, perhaps eating food that is not suitable for her may cause of licking and vomiting. Another factor to consider if successively licking it might cause of health concern as well. You have to consult the vet about this matter. For further reading, you may check this one too https://ultimatepetnutrition.com/dog-licking-carpet/

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