3 Tips to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Tips help Dog Lose weight

If your dog is overweight or obese, you are not alone. You’ll want to check out these 3 weight loss tips to help your dog lose weight.

What is an Overweight or Obese Dog

Chances are you know if your dog is overweight. But a good way to do a quick check is to feel around your dog’s rib cage. If you can’t feel it through the skin and fat, your dog is overweight.

Another more scientific way to check is to find your dog’s ideal weight. If your dog is 15% over that ideal weight, your dog is obese. Zero to 15% is considered overweight.

tips to help your dog lose weight

3 Tips to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Alright, whether your dog is obese, overweight or whatever you want to call it, it’s time to get down to business. Here are the 3 main ways to help your dog’s weightloss.

Doggie Diet

Just like people, your dog needs fewer calories coming in. That means two things: Portion control and no more table scraps.

If you leave your dog’s food out all the time, stop doing that. Feed your dog an appropriate measured portion of food according to your dog’s size. You can break it out over three feedings to spread it out.

Second, no more pepperoni pizza for puppy. Stop giving your dog table scraps. I know he’s both adorable and annoying when he begs but the gravy train has to stop. People food is not good for dogs anyways.

Exercise for Your Overweight Dog

I know you know this. But sometimes you just have to hear from someone else. You need to take your dog out for a walk! Preferably two. And I mean for more than two blocks.

This is hard at first, but make it a routine and try to make it fun. Once you do you might even start looking forward to it!

P.s. Letting your dog out in the backyard doesn’t count as exercise either.

Try Feeding Diet Dog Food

If you’re dog is obese or very overweight, Diet dog food is a good way to go. Some of the Diet dog foods contain ingredients that help make your dog feel fuller. Check these out:


If your dog is overweight, you are not alone. It’s tough to keep a dog in shape when we all have busy lives. Use these 3 easy tips and you will help your dog lose weight in no time!

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