10 Velcro Dog Breeds That Will Cling to Your Side

Velcro Dog Breeds

If you want to own a dog that is literally a stick by your side companion, you need to learn more about what dogs are considered Velcro dog breeds.

It’s kind of a fun term to use, but its used to describe how certain breeds like to follow their owners and “cling” to their sides. If you are someone who loves this type of attention, you will enjoy owning one of these dogs.

Why is this good to know? When adopting a dog, you always want a dog that will match your demeanor or your lifestyle. If a clingy dog will drive you crazy, then you probably shouldn’t adopt a velcro dog.

Some dogs simply are friendlier and needier than others. Some dogs may appear to be a Velcro dog, but may simply be nervous. You can learn more about this habit online.


If you are one of those people who want a dog by your side, you need to survey the breeds that will make you feel fully loved. You may be a sensitive human who needs a sensitive canine at your side. If so, you will want to review the temperaments of the following listed Velcro dog breeds.


1. The Labrador Retriever

It is not surprising that this dog is considered one of the most popular breeds worldwide. This dog attaches itself to its owner and waits and sits loyally by its owner’s side. A Labrador will follow you wherever you go and support you all the days of its life. In fact, it will probably be waiting for you in the afterlife.


2. The Golden Retriever

This dog breed is devoted and loving. You never see this dog disgruntled or wanting to fight. However, it will protect you at all costs if an intruder attacks you. While you may think that your Golden Retriever is mild mannered, it will become a vigorous protector if it feels that your life is in jeopardy.

If you wish to adopt this dog, keep in mind that it often suffers from cancer in its old age – something that may be hard to take if you are close to your dog and it is close to you. This is important to keep in mind, as Velcro dogs also have Velcro owners. Therefore, you need to consider what may happen as your dog gets older.


3. The French Bulldog

French bulldogs are personable little dogs that convey a friendliness that is simply too hard to resist. This little dog loves its owner so much that it may resent the presence of another animal, such as a cat.

For example, some Frenchies play pranks on cats residing in the same household. They may take the food out of their cat bowls, or they may take up residence in the cat’s bed.

They like to spar with a cat so it can be hilarious if you observe the antics of these two animals in your home.


4. The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is often used by police officers to assist in police stings and related activities. This dog is considered one of the “officers” of the force, and also serves well in the armed forces. If you want a dog that is hardworking and loyal, you cannot find a better animal.

Because of its protective nature, a German Shepherd will not keep its owner out of its sight. It is fiercely loyal to its handler. That is why it makes such a great ally in military operations or on a police force. The dog is extremely intelligent as well. You can teach it all the basic commands in a very short amount of time.

German Shepherds are loyal dogs and can live a very long time. One German Shepherd lived to the ripe old age of 21 years old. Its owner reported that he could not let the dog go, and he knew the dog sensed it. That is why he believes the dog lived as long as it did.


5. The Doberman Pinscher

While the Doberman Pinscher is considered a scary or dangerous dog by some people, the opposite is true, as long as you are its owner. Owners can teach this intelligent dog a series of commands, and it will loyally follow them. The dog was originally bred for protection in Germany.

Therefore, their need to keep their owner’s safe causes them to stay at their owner’s side. The dog is not dangerous unless the owner gives it a command. When this happens, the dog suddenly springs into action.

This dog loves to live indoors and wants to be close to humans. They may look tough on the surface. However, they are very sensitive animals. That is why they are considered a Velcro canine.


6. The Pug

The pug is much like the Frenchie in demeanor. It likes to stay at its owner’s side and will follow you wherever you go. In fact, it does not like to be left out of any activity that includes you. Indeed, this dog needs affection.

Therefore, you should not leave it alone too much. Otherwise, it can develop behavioral problems. Keep this in mind. If you want your dog at your side most of the time, this is the dog to choose.


7. The Coton de Tulear

This cute little white dog is devoted to its owner and does not like staying home alone. That is why you need to make sure you include this companion animal on all your outings. Otherwise, it will become very sad.

Because the Coton de Tulear is a small breed, you may want to add a doggy seat to your bike or include one in your car. You may also want to buy a large bag where you can hold your dog while you sport about town. Your little cute canine will be truly grateful for the attention.


8. The Great Dane

This giant dog is one of the gentlest dogs you will ever meet. It loves to receive attention from its owner. If you drive a compact car now and want to adopt this large dog, you need to switch to driving an SUV.

Otherwise, your dog will feel left out. Such as the Coton de Tulear, you need to bring your Great Dane along with you wherever you go. This dog will feel utterly neglected if you don’t.


9. The Shetland Sheepdog

This dog almost shadows you when you own it. In fact, it will trail you from one room to the next. It also likes taking a car ride and will go just about anywhere you want to go.

Take your Shetland Sheepdog out to the country where it can chase after the rabbits. It was originally country-bred and, therefore, likes to run over open green spaces.


10. Italian Greyhound

This smaller version of the large racing Greyhound likes to cuddle in its owner’s lap. They like to stay close to 24/7. Therefore, it may also want to share your bed or take up residence on your couch.

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Clingy Velcro Dog Breeds

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