10 Surefire Ways to Keep Dogs Out of Your Garden or Flower Beds

dog stay out of garden

Ahh, dogs. Man’s best friend? Your garden’s worst nightmare.

While your dog is great at looking cute and giving cuddles, chances are he or she may have a passion for digging up your hard work in the backyard. So in the interest of keeping everybody happy this spring and summer, here are 10 ways to keep dogs out of your garden.

So, how can you keep your lively pooch out of the garden and stop them from wrecking your beautiful flowerbeds? Here are 10 tips you should follow:

How to keep Dog Out of Flowerbed

1. Fence in your flowerbeds

This one is obvious, but it’s a starting point. Adding a fence around your flowerbeds should send a message to your canine buddies and other dogs in the area that they are not allowed in this area. A dog wanders into your garden because these areas are very easy to access. Make sure that your fence is tall and sturdy enough so that your dog cannot simply jump over it or push it over.

dog in flowerbed

2. Consider planting barrier plants

Thorny and tall or especially fragrant plants can cause your doggo to stay away. Planting a row of thorny roses or adding cacti and other prickly plants along the edge of your flowerbed will make it very unappealing to your dog looking for a place to lounge or dig around.

Planting fragrant plants such as lavender, on the other hand, bothers dogs. Humans might love the scent, but dogs just hate it. Growing them is an effective way of keeping dogs out while making your garden smell heavenly.

dog in garden

3. Spray Vinegar or spicy things

Make your garden and flowerbeds unappealing to your dogs by adding smells and taste that dogs really hate. Dogs are extremely disgusted at the smell of spicy things or other pungent spices. Make a mixture of pepper powder and water and use it to spray all over your garden to protect your pooch from coming in.

You can also use vinegar to spray on your garden. Dogs cannot tolerate the smell of vinegar and will to stay away. You can spray vinegar on your garden and flowerbeds and should keep the dogs out for 1 week unless there’s rain.

Ensure that whatever you are using as a deterrent is only unpleasant to your dog but is not highly toxic. Your goal is to keep him away from your garden and flowerbeds, not to cause him sickness or health problems.

dog in flower bed

4. Consider a container gardening if your flowerbeds are getting repeatedly trampled

Your lovable pooch is less likely to get into raised beds or pots since access is inherently more limited than that of flat areas. Creating raised beds cannot guarantee that your dog will not go tromping through it, but it should reduce the occurrence less likely.

dog in grass

5. Try using bitter stuff

Dogs do not like bitter stuff. So it is a good idea to use bitter stuff as a deterrent your dog from coming to your garden and digging holes in your flowerbeds. Most people in tropical zones use this kind of trick because they have a lot of coffee grinds and oranges.

The main element for this is to use bitter oranges. You need to dissolve bitter oranges and mix it with used coffee grinds. This solution will not be washed away by rain so easily since bitter orange has heavy oils. In addition, coffee grinds are great organic fertilizer for your garden. So you get to keep your pooch away while keeping your plants and garden healthy.

dog out of garden

6. Bury some balloons

You might find it weird and funny, but burying balloons is somehow an effective dog repellent.

You need to fill some balloons with air and then bury them in places or areas where your pooch loves to dig holes. Your dog will normally be fascinated to see the colorful balloons for the first time. However, when your dog decides to jump on the balloon and it bursts, your dog will surely be frightened and will stay away from that area.

Later, when your dog sees the same balloon in another area, it will stay away. When he finds out that your garden is filled with balloon mines, your dog will eventually stay away from your garden.

Keep dog out of garden

7. Dedicate a play area

Creating a more appealing space in a different part of your garden just for your dog can help in reducing the incidents of holes and destroyed flowerbeds. You can dedicate a play area in your garden where your dog knows that it is there spot to go to when they are outdoors. His play area should be filled toys, treats, stuff to chew on and probably some sand or other playthings. It might be just the thing to keep your pooch too occupied to even notice your garden and flowerbeds on the other side.

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Out of Flowerbed or Garden

8. Try commercial dog repellents

Try to spray a commercial dog repellent around your garden and flowerbeds when your dog is not there. You should never spray it directly to your dog. Not only can it cause some health problems, your dog will not understand as to why you are spraying it on him and what behavior you would like to stop. Spraying the repellent on your garden when your dog is there watching you is only going to teach him to avoid you and not the flowerbed.

how to keep dogs out of garden

9. Train your dog

Even though you have physical barriers in a place like fences, some dogs are just too smart and find a way into your garden and flowerbeds. However, training your dog when you are in the garden together will teach him to stay away from your plants and flowers. This technique usually works best if you are in the garden with your dog so that you can redirect him consistently when he tries to get near your plants.

10. Wear him down

When all else fail, then it is time for one simple trick. Play with him and wear him down. Your dog might be digging holes and excavating your garden and flowerbeds because of one simple reason: the need for exercise or boredom. Try walking your dog at least twice a day in order to deplete his energy reserves and make those flowerbeds of yours less tempting.


The softness of freshly-sowed soil is like an invitation for dogs to come and dig and explore a place that seems to be made especially for them. With the tenderness of new growth and the sweet scent of sun-ripened fruits, it’s like a free fast food restaurant that comes with a playground.

However, following the simple tricks mentioned above will surely deny your dog’s access to your garden and there will be no more holes and destroyed plants in no time.

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