10 Secrets To Entertain a Bored Dog While at Work

Keep Bored Dog Entertained

Feeling guilty about your bored dog while at work? Sure your job is boring, but you might not be as bored as your poor dog.

Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise.

Plus, one of the saddest things known in the universe is that look your dog gives you when you are about to leave.

You know the one I’m talking about. That look that says “don’t go” mixed with the excitement of “take me with you!”

Once the door shuts, some dogs wait patiently. Others don’t do so well with the boredom and isolation. 

Your dog might show his unhappiness and disagreement by being destructive and by chewing everything that it can. Not exactly the kind of homecoming that you look forward after having a long day of work.

So here are 10 tips on how to keep your dog entertained while you are at work.

Dog bored while at work

10 Secret to Keeping Your Dog Entertained While You Are Gone

1. Let Your Dog Chew

Chewing is a normal part of a dog’s activities. Without something to chew on, the dog may choose whatever it finds at home, beginning with your shoes or your furniture. Furthermore, chewing toys are important as well in the maintenance of the good dental hygiene of the dog, as well as to keep your dog busy.

Choose nylon bones over rawhide, since this might break into smaller pieces and may impose hazard to the stomach of the dog. The lone thing that you do not want your dog to chew on is your furniture at home. Hence, make sure to have a good indestructible bed so that your dog can chew all it wants.

2. Keep Your Dog As Calm As Possible

Your dog may become anxious when you leave it alone every single day for 8 hours, and this may lead the dog to chew or even destroy everything it can at home. This is the reason why you need to try some ways to keep the dog as calm as possible during its alone time.

One good idea is applying essential oils, which possess a calming effect, just like peppermint or lavender, on the bed of the dog. This simple trick can help keep your dog relaxed. 

3. Make Your Dog Play Ice

One possible source of entertainment and fun for your dog when you are not at home is a frozen toy. You will just need to put some treat or food in a container, fill it with some water and then freeze.

Your dog will have a lot of fun waiting for the ice to melt, thus revealing the delicious treat for him/her to enjoy. Your dog may also spend some of its alone time keenly watching the ice melt, as well as not engaging on any destructive behaviors.

4. Install A Water Fountain

Aside from food, your dog may also need sufficient water in times that you’re at work. While you may leave a bowl with water, you can also buy a water fountain, which may be entertaining and fun for your pooch as well. Dogs also love and enjoy water –in fact, it can divert dog’s attention for some time up until you arrive home.

5. Hire A Dog Walker

You can hire someone that can walk your dog every day. This is a great idea for active dogs as well, most especially if you don’t have sufficient time to exercise him/her as well. You must make sure that you hire someone that you can really trust.

6. Bring Your Dog To A Doggy Daycare

Facilities like this are becoming more and more common so that the owners may leave their dogs somewhere they’ll be taken good care of. If you got a social dog, which easily adapts, then your dog may enjoy it. Of course, it is vital that you get complete info regarding the services and activities they have for dogs. You may also want to visit the facility first, to get a feel of the staff and the place.

7. Look For Play Dates

Occasionally, some social interactions with some other dogs may be great for your pooch. You may set up some play dates with some dog owners, which your dog knows. Just ensure that you set up with someone your dog is really comfortable with. Or else, your dog will only get stressed.

8. Let Your Dog Look Outside

It isn’t just the cats that love looking out the window. Dogs may also love having their own spot where they can look into the outside world and get to watch whatever is going on. Aside from keeping them distracted, they also become acquainted with the activities on the neighborhood.

9. Switch On The Television

You can opt to leave your TV on right before your leave, putting it on a channel where there are animals. The sounds and sight of these other animals may stimulate the dog, as well as keep it entertained.

10. Choose Some Toys For Your Dog

Dogs need some stimulation, and toys are a great way to keeping them stimulated and entertained. Certainly, you need a lot of them, so your pooch doesn’t get bored playing with only one toy every day. Luckily, there is a whole lot of dog toys, which may be bought, or even made at home.

Dog Bored While at Work


A busy dog is a happy dog. Even your pooch may experience boredom, most especially when it has to stay indoors every single day for more than 8 hours. While your dog surely find something to occupy its time, it may be activities, which you’ll greatly frown on.

Rather, be proactive and plan various toys and activities, which may keep your dog happy and entertained all the time. The aforementioned tips might also help, even though it’s vital to decide what to do based on the dog’s preferences and personality, in order to avoid even more anxiety.

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Bored Dog While at Work

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